Today I have…

  • done one job application

I’m dreaming of a job where I can be engaged and interested and happy, a job worth traveling for but without the travel; or I’m dreaming of freelancing, working for myself, being able to arrange my own schedule, having more than enough work to fund all the other things I want to do.

  • registered with one agency
  • revised for an hour
  • gotten through another page of vocab for the latest translation
  • enjoyed the daydreaming…

If I was a freelancer I would sleep until I was ready to wake up; enjoy a slow start to the morning with some gentle reading and vocab work over breakfast and coffee; an hour of music, then off to the gym, a focused hour of work before lunch; home-made low-cal lunch at home; a good couple of hours of writing or research in the afternoon (quite possibly over coffee or outside, when the weather’s warm enough) and then home, to more music, all the time in the world to play and practice.



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