Ambitious, Control-Freak Life-Design

Something’s been bugging me… I’m not happy with how things are and although I’ve set out on the road to changing things, I’m frustrated with the pace.

I just read this post from the Zen Habits blog on how to Design Your Life and it reminded me that this IS what I’m already trying to do.

The other day I made a complete list of what my regular daily routine would be composed of if money wasn’t an issue (ie if I had unlimited funds or was able to make a living from the things I love to d0) – it went like this:

{Assume 14 available hours after 10 for sleep and random pottering about}

* 2 hours: classical piano practice

* 1 hour: guitar-based song-practice

* 1 hour: piano-based song-practice

* 2 hours: songwriting

{that’s 6 hours for music}

* 1 hour: online/promo/website/necessary business stuff

* 1 hour: keeping my other / professional skills brushed up (I’m thinking primarily languages but maybe a course to study?)

{that’s 2 hours for “worky” type stuff – I don’t mind doing that stuff I just don’t want it taking over my day, and I want to do it for myself, not in someone else’s employ! I’m up to 8 hours}

The rest goes on health, home and balance:

* 1 hour: journal (at least!!)

* 3 hours: exercise (including showering and getting to the gym and back)

* 1 hour: food prep, cooking, cleaning and eating

* 1 hour: something completely relaxing (and probably more eating if the above is not enough)

{that’s 6 which accounts for the 14 altogether}

This is just a skeleton plan for days without events, gigs, other kinds of work and social things, and the tasks aren’t in any order, but MAN that’s how I wish my life could be.

So what I’m thinking now is that I should at least attempt that life in microcosm, as many days as possible. The things from the health & home section, to be honest, get done anyway. The businessy-type-things usually get covered on work days. And I probably have 2 hours a day spare to get through the music. OK it’s not six; but it’s not nothing. An equivalent breakdown looks like this:

* Classical Piano: 40 minutes

* Song Practice (guitar and piano together): 40 minutes

* Songwriting: 40 minutes

What could be more simple?

And what does it matter if it takes me three times as long to get where I want to be, as long as I have the life I want in the end?  


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