Following last week’s slight meltdown I think things are gradually improving. The job situation remains a stalemate (current job still crap, other jobs still not forthcoming) but I am trying to re-frame my outlook and get practical about things.

  • I made a big list of practical projects to get on with while at work this week and have been working my way through. That’s been keeping me occupied and, if I get to the end of it, may open some doors just a chink in terms of opportunities.
  • I still believe that, as long as I am doing what I love, and taking a broader interest in the things I have to do, then income and eventually affluence will follow in due course.
  • I really don’t like doing these kinds of jobs anyway so I know I shouldn’t be so crestfallen about the dearth of new ones. Maybe it’ll force me into identifying my true passions and how to make a living from them in a more concrete way, which will be better all round.
  • Maybe, just maybe, there’s a bigger (as yet unknown) reason why a new job is not forthcoming, i.e. that getting a new job would have turned out to be a massive waste of time anyway because I got to do something amazing for a living instead. There’s always hope.
  • I never give up hope that things can change. I can change, my attitude can change, the way I present myself can change, and my strategies can change. There will always be a plethora of alternate outcomes to me staying in this job until it kills me.

There. Positivity refound. Kind of.


5 thoughts on “Reframe

  1. Hi Moose
    Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I always wonder if I’m doing the right thing every day then someone like you likes what I do. Follow your heart but remember a starving artist isn’t as glam as it sounds and being a daydreamer is wonderful. Cheers Sue x

  2. I can so relate to your job woes! I, too, want to pursue a creative career. At first I thought it’d only be writing but now that I have my hands enmeshed in photography, a new love has blossomed. I think it’s great that you made a list. And you’re reminding yourself of the positive aspects of things, which is always good. I have to do the same thing! Coming to work can be VERY day to day. I feel you. Keep up the great work, I like your blog and writing style!

  3. Thank you both for your comments, I’d kind of forgotten about this post way out here since I started writing WorthSaying but it’s a good one to come back to!

    I actually did give up work completely for 3 months last year but I didn’t have a concrete plan and, as I learned, 3 months is not enough to get very far towards supporting yourself in a totally new career! So I will think very hard before quitting again and make sure all my ducks are lined up first. At the moment I work 4 days a week and get about 4 hours’ actual work in that time, so this has opened up the opportunity for more writing and I’m learning to chill and use the time as best I can – in fact in the couple of months since I wrote this post I’ve become very grateful that my job is so low-key! It’s a compromise but I will keep working towards my dreams for as long as it takes!

  4. From the practical prospective of reality, the conventional way of thinking is to stay in the job until you find something else. However, there are a few aspects ones have to posses in the job to be able to continue…
    – love the job you are doing
    – it gives you some sort of achievement feeling
    – you are good at it
    – you are appreciated
    your wisdom in believing things will change will take you far and get you what you seek in due time.
    My personal experience in such situation was that I found out later that something good was “cooking “ for me and when it was ready my move from the job at the time was just in the right time.. it does help to keep positive. Keep looking at “The Light at the End of the Tunnel” as long it is not a moving train 😉

  5. You always have to think positive. You know you can change it, just hang in there one day at a time but constantly remind you of your “goal”. Keep pressing forward and do what you love 😀 It really makes you feel good inside, and better about yourself. Keep on going… You can do it! One day you will have everything you ever wanted, dreams are reachable!

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