YOU NEED COFFEE, and other joyful commuting experiences

At London Bridge there’s a guy in the mornings holding a big placard that says “YOU NEED COFFEE”. He’s dressed like a commuter and he stands there mumbling to himself, falling asleep on his sign – and it’s just so funny! Really makes me laugh when I see him. If you commute through London Bridge he’s on the main concourse near the fruit vendor (where Smiths used to be) – check him out because he’s a real performer!

This morning I also scored some free gum on the way through the station. Then further up near the bridge there was a giant gum pack with people inside (you could just see their legs, like a Chinese dragon) wandering about – they were trying to cut across the stream of thousands of commuters marching up to the City, that made me laugh too.

And it was so bright coming over the river, everything was dazzling, the breeze was blowing – just a good, sunny, early spring, jacketless, good hair day.


2 thoughts on “YOU NEED COFFEE, and other joyful commuting experiences

  1. Thank you for your visit Moose observation of people is a joy and of course the wind in your hair . Enjoy your week. Sheila.

  2. Your morning commute sounds dazzling! My commute in Texas was nothing quite as beautiful. One must have a great day when your see such wonders this early in the morning! Thank you so much for stopping by and liking my blog last week. I hope to see you again soon!

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