Quick mundane commuting update!

No, sadly, YOUNEEDCOFFEE guy was not around this morning (does he not realise that I NEED COFFEE everyday?!)

BUT… just as I was about to voice my frustrations about how stupidly laid out London Bridge is due to the renos, they’ve sorted it! New layout on the Borough-platforms side (for want of a better term!), loads more space to get through, no more overcrowding, and the Oyster barriers are so new you can still smell the plastic! It’s almost a joyful experience to float through there now!

This morning I did a commuter multi-task, bought stamps, honey and bananas (not related), stamped my mail while walking over the bridge and dropped all my letters in the post-box outside BLP. I was like commuting Wonder Woman!

Commuting makes me so grumpy, it turns out I’m easily pleased when it comes to improvements đŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “Quick mundane commuting update!

  1. Hello Wonderwoman. Delighted that you still post mail. It’s rapidly becoming a thing of the past. And I am glad that you made it to the office even without your much needed coffee hit.

    • haha! Yes post is so underused, I *LOVE* post, I have a whole drawer full of cute cards and stickers just waiting to be sent! Probably enough to send post to everyone I know every week for a year!
      Thankfully I’d made sure to get two mugs of coffee down me before leaving the house so managed to get to work without stabbing anyone…

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