December Goals

Well typically, immediately after posting about yesterday’s doom and gloom, I got some good news and that started to make me feel more positive and proactive. Today is the last day of November and although I feel I’ve been “off-track” with most of what I call “normal” since at least August, and there are only three full weeks of “normal” in December, I feel like a month is a good chunk of time to still make some sort of impression on the year, tie up some loose ends, and most importantly of all, prep myself to get back into a strong position from which to attack 2012’s goals. So this list is a combination of things I hope will be sorted out as well as an idea of what the best possible starting-scenario for next year would be, with results hopefully falling somewhere in the middle.

December: things that are down to me (Goals and Projects)

  • Eating: get back to eating in an orderly, controlled way – there’s no need to be overly strict about it but I shouldn’t be eating all the time and thinking about it all the time. I want to get back to the point where I feel confident that I’m capable of eating an appropriate amount, that my diet is balanced and healthy – and as a result hopefully lose a bit of weight and get into the next decade.
  • Exercise: stick to at least daily walks and work on an escalating programme where I feel comfortable doing some additional cardio most days – again working myself back up to what was the norm earlier in the year.
  • Self-care: keep doing the things that are good for me and make me feel better (mostly detailed in yesterday’s post). These things don’t just happen by themselves and I know there is potential for me to feel MUCH worse than I do now, if I don’t continue with the actions and routines that keep my spirits up. Get back to feeling my most positive by the start of the new year.
  • Holiday stuff: I have so much material from the holiday and I want all the photos/videos/websites to be sorted out and up and running by the end of the year.
  • Piano: I’m actually a lot closer than I thought to being at my best ever on the piano – if I keep getting practice sessions in this month, I might get there. That would be a big thing to have accomplished but also easy to let slip if I drop the ball so effort is everything!
  • Japanese: I’m not going to make it to my being the best I’ve ever been goal on this one, but I’ve felt so much happier since doing daily reading, vocab work and kanji practice, so I want to keep that up as much as possible during the last 31 days of the year. I definitely need to finish Harry Potter and
  • Creativity (sewing): I really want to have made at least some simple things that I can give as Christmas presents this year, so that’s my first task.
  • Christmas prep: this is the first year in a long while where I haven’t even started by the beginning of December (although I did make my first nominal present purchase today!) – obviously this all needs to be done and dusted.
  • Wedding prep: Invitations need to be made and ready to send by the end of the year – so that means making all the major decisions about timings, menu, and guests, and a whole lotta printing and making! And we need to at least get further with the dresses – material research, sleeve patterns, and the bridesmaid dress pattern.
  • Songwriting: I have totally dropped the ball here, so I’ve decided that anything I can do to re-familiarise myself with old songs, or try to capture new ideas, is going to count!

(WOAH, ok that’s already 10 things, this is starting to look like Best Year Yet in a month! )


Things I hope will happen:

  • Domestic situation sorted out
  • Some new translation opportunities to come out of the work I’ve done this week

(Both of these things together would mean I could be more flexible about my office time next year and have more control over my work-life and finances, which would be a great way to start 2012!)

  • Happy family & friends for Christmas
  • Flat kept in a reasonable state
  • Plenty of writing (there should be a good deal to report back on out of that lot above!)





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