Translation Process

  • Read through the whole piece once – sometimes I skip this if it’s a really long document but I noticed, particularly this time, that there was clarification further down in the text which made translating the beginning a lot easier.
  • Go through and look up unknown vocabulary – do this on the page, in the context of the sentence, to get the right selection of words. This will usually lead on to any research of words, topics and processes which I’m not immediately familiar with even in English.
  • Do a very quick first draft with what’s on the page – first instincts are often right and in any case, it’s easier to have something rough to edit than to start from scratch and try to get it perfect first time.

— In terms of total time, this is about the halfway point —

  • Do a detailed review, sentence by sentence, checking that everything is correct and included, and rephrasing to get as close to the original meaning as possible.
  • Final review for Englishness, errors and formatting. It has to read like a native document at the end of the day (if possible take a break before doing this!)

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