Weekend Plans

Last week I managed to hit 4 hours exactly of piano practice, did some Japanese every day, wrote a great load of blog posts and “entertained” once.

I’m going to set a list of weekend projects for the next three days and see how I get on:

  • Entertain again today – it’s good to hang out with friends! And means the house is clean and tidy!
  • Get to 3 hours’ piano by the end of the weekend (1hr/day)
  • Get out in the daylight everyday
  • Make all my meals from scratch
  • Start at least one sewing project – probably the book bag
  • Get Flickr holiday account done
  • Get holiday videos sorted and titled and start researching photo editing
  • Do some Japanese every day
  • Song practice session
  • New songwriting session – one new idea, at least half an hour
  • Get 2012 ideas together in a page

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