More home improvements

  • Bag shelf: for ages when I wasn’t using the table I found I was leaving my bag on the piano stool by the door in the living room, which was a really convenient place to just fling it so I could pack it and unpack it easily. I’ve put a spare shelf in there now to provide a little bag-ledge and that works just as well!

  • Boxes in the hallway: I have these gorgeous Fortnum and Mason hampers (the only real benefit of being a temp two years running!) and they’re my new hallway storage – one has flipflops and slippers and the other has all our tools, spare lightbulbs, and other home maintenance stuff, totally practical but they look gorgeous. Also moved my beloved scarf collection onto the top shelf so that it’s all lovely and cheery to welcome me as I walk through the door!

  • The metal crate-boxes that were in the hall are now in the living room on my “creative table” – holding fabric, Christmas presents and wedding invitation stuff. Things are right there ready for me to get making and it feels a lot more organised.


  • In the bedroom, in addition to the Happy String, I’m taken with the idea of decorating with things I love and find inspiring, so I’ve put pretty candles around the bed and lined up my 2011 journals  on the radiator. I think they look pretty cool!


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