2011/2012 Journals

Happy New Year! And Happy New Journal (obviously!)

2011 was the year of the fabric-covered A5 notebook as my main stream-of-consciousness journals:


I also had a page-a-day achievements/gratitude journal (which I kind of half-finished) and a couple of random leather ones:



For 2012, I have received this gorgeous book which is going to be my Happiness/Gratitude/Creative journal (plain pages with a unique little doodle on the top right of each page = perfection!)


I have abandoned the all-fabric process-journal idea (I mean, that’s so last year!) but am sticking with A5 for the time being as it’s a good size for writing plenty at once. I was despairing but then at the last moment found this little beauty in a bookshop:


So that’s it for starters… I will be on the lookout for beautiful journals throughout the year as always, but I have a place to think and a place to be grateful and I get to start them both today! Hurrah. Happy journaling everyone…


Here are my 2012 Goals/Guidelines and ongoing projects. I hope 2012 is a brilliant year for all of us!


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