2012: Week 1, Day 1

1 January – and I actually made it through the full List! Had such a productive day that I thought it was worth recording.

Today I have…

  • Had a Bath!! Ticks off the “relaxation” slot on my list. I read my cookery book and marked up some recipes to try.
  • Detrolled
  • Dusted in the bedroom and hall, where it was most needed
  • Opened the windows and aired the rooms and bed (don’t do this as often as I should!) 
  • Done one load of laundry and cleared away all the dry clothes
  • Walked for an hour in the rain, tried to take some photos and had a new song idea while I was out stomping the pavement
  • Worked for half an hour on developing a new song (recording software) – 1 new verse written and recorded and some other arranging
  • Played the piano for 20 minutes, including the Rachmaninov (great arm-toning exercise!)
  • Labelled up a load of videos from the trip
  • Worked on ideas for the invitations
  • Spent half an hour reading German Harry Potter (takes me that long to get through two pages at the moment but hopefully this will get quicker as the year goes on!)
  • Got through all my other language stuff (FR/JP/RU/CH + extra kanji)
  • Wrote in my journal for at least an hour
  • Spent more than two hours working on the bridesmaid’s dress and finished the top with all the pleated organza detailing and the neckline – major progress
  • Made two healthy meals – a beef and veg stirfry and a big salad
  • Called my parents 
  • Cleared up the flat after all of the above!

It’s rare to see actual progress on any one thing within the course of a single day but today was a day of real progress – particularly with the dress as that’s now half-finished, which is one of my major tasks for the week, and the songwriting was one crucial session towards my monthly goal. Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever completed the whole List in one day before! So here’s hoping that this is a model for the year – it was like a Magic Week kind of day.


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