2013 Goal Categories, Guidelines and Starting Points

I’ve had plenty of time to think about my goals for 2013 and the more I’ve thought, the more I’ve come up with! I’ve also had some time to practice different schedules and strategies and learn what works best and how much I can cope with – I think this is the most well-researched and minutely planned set of annual goals I’ve ever made! A year is a bit of an arbitrary time-frame really but for me I find it quite powerful, breaking it down by months or weeks and thinking about where I’d like to be by 1/1/14. I know I probably can’t achieve everything and the list will change as the year goes on, although the goals I set six months ago have held up pretty well so that’s promising!

When I made my first list of potential goals it came out at 32! So I’m going to group them into categories and this’ll give me a chance to look at what the overall aim is with each category. I’ve also been trying to analyse them by time commitment (daily/weekly/monthly) and whether they’re one-off goals, goals for life, or goals which will take consistent effort throughout the whole year but should be completed within the year.

The categories and meta-goals are:

Category A: Health

This is always the top goal eh? The main goal here is to devise and commit to an all-round healthy lifestyle that will operate automatically as a foundation for our lives in general. As a couple, we’ve done some great work this year on establishing exercise and meal routines, and I’ve reduced my coffee addiction intake to one or two per week (when I really need or want to enjoy it) and my alcohol consumption to less than once a month. All of those changes have made me feel better and I want to carry them all into 2013 as assumptions – I definitely don’t want to fall off the wagon and have to go back to building routines from scratch (must remember that it requires less discipline to maintain a habit than to build one!) Every swim, every strength-training session, every carbless meal – they’re not just repetitive acts, they’re strengthening the pattern each time. I will be following my Number One goal of putting my mental health first and making the healthy choice – which requires me to do all the other things to take care of my physical health.

Category B: Music

The theme for this goal is Passion and Brilliance. I want music to be my passion, the thing I turn to the majority of my free time as a creative outlet and something creative that is uniquely mine. I want to pursue brilliance so that I can be proud of what I write, release and perform. I know I can be good at this, I just need to put the time in – and I want to do that so consistently that my choice of this as a career becomes a no-brainer by the end of the year. If it’s really something I believe I was born to do, I have to get on and do it!

Category C: Languages

My language studies are kind of my own private way of maximising the time I have to spend going out to work to my advantage. I can’t sit around the office playing the guitar, but I can use my work, walking, lunch and spare desk time to learn all sorts of linguistic skills. These times are an opportunity for me to do something I probably wouldn’t bother doing if I was at home all the time, at least not to this extent. The problem with languages is that there’s never any end to the things there are to learn! It’s hard to pick a set of unique goals and not want to do more – this year I over-estimated somewhat and have ended up scrabbling to finish before the end of the year which has made things a bit pressurized! So the guideline I’m setting myself here is not to use any time outside of work/commuting time towards this goal – if it can’t be done during that time, it’ll have to wait until next year / some other point of my life in the future, and I will have to be OK with defaulting on some of these goals because areas A & B, Health and Music, are my priorities.


Category D: Finances

This is fairly self-explanatory and involves continuing to spend as little as possible while balancing my lifestyle choices and enjoying the resources I have. This year will be the year we go from negative to positive equity so it should be our best year yet for this area! No time commitment here, just a daily commitment to curbing my spending where I can.


Category E: Creative

A few extra creative goals because these are things I enjoy, and I don’t want them to get forgotten amongst all the other things so I need to schedule in time for them too.


Category F: Social

I want to be a bit more organised with social connections so there are a few minor goals under this heading.

Finally there’s a supplementary list of Goals I might make it to but probably won’t – just things it would be nice to make happen but they will probably be the first to give way to scheduling pressure, either that or they’re things I’m not sure can actually be done yet! But I’ll mention them anyway.

So now you know what to expect over the next few days!



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