Framing my 2013 Goals (I): The 3-year Plan

As December rocks on (HOW quickly do these days pass by?!) I’m trying to think of the best way to arrange my 2013 Goals so that they’re easily identifiable and accessible to me because there are a lot of things I want to cover. It seems that now I’m in my thirties I really need to Take Charge and take the steps to make things happen because there’s not so much time left to just sit around and hope that they work out – I have to make sure I’m doing the right things now otherwise I will miss the chance at some vital things I want out of life otherwise I’ll miss the opportunity altogether!

With this in mind, a couple of months back I made a three-year-plan listing out what I’d need to do to achieve my objectives in that time. Of course, things can still change and probably will, but if I have a plan then I’ll at least know it’s possible to achieve certain things and hopefully that’ll inspire me to actually do the things that need to be done during that time.

The broad outline of things I’d like to achieve is this:

1)     Sproglet. If we’re going to have a child then we need to leave it probably not much longer than 4 years from now (this is not the reason behind the 3-year plan but it is coincidental). There are two main preconditions here and the first is health. There’s no way my body would deal with a pregnancy at this weight and that’s the first barrier – so three years to get to a healthy weight (and build a thoroughly healthy lifestyle) seems reasonable, although it would be nice to do it quicker than that (and superficially, I suppose, I want to do it while I’m still young enough to feel “pretty” rather than “classy” or “aging well”! – this is kind of my last chance to have that as well).

2)     Home. The second precondition for me of having a child would be to have a home of our own in which to raise it. Our current place is probably big enough to do it but the combination of messy sticky pooey child + rental accommodation just sounds like a nightmare to me, plus there’s the security of having our own place and not being made to move, and the comfort of having a family home that we can make our own. There are a couple of things standing in the way of doing this and the main one is money! We still have debts and no savings at all so I have a schedule which will see me, on my own, paying off our debt and saving a deposit over the next three years. It’ll be incredibly difficult to do but hopefully our prospects will improve and hubby will also be able to save in which case we can get there sooner (or do more other things along the way). But at the very least I can do this if I set my mind to it.

3)     Job. I will need to keep my current job at least to 2014 for other reasons so that’s settled, I can only do what I can do around it until then (or find another similar job probably working more hours!) That’s fine and I quite like my job as jobs go BUT if I’m going to break out of it then now is the time to start preparing. This also depends on hubby’s job too. Ideally if we’re going to have a child I would like us to raise it ourselves rather than paying someone else too, which would in effect mean me leaving work for several years (or maybe going down to two days where I am?) – I’m not going to be shy about it because that’s how I would like it to be! So I will need some other kind of minimal income of my own from somewhere and hopefully that can come from music in some capacity – but only if I start practicing RIGHT now and keep recording and hopefully start gigging and have the whole thing take off a bit more than it has in the past. If I want this to be a viable second income in three or four years’ time then I need to get started NOW!

So those are the three big things for the next three years that are going to underpin my lifestyle choices: Health, Finances, Music. Whether or not we end up having a child (it would be a lot simpler if we didn’t!) this is the path towards a healthy, financially independent life doing what I love, so either way it’s a winner!


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