NEW for 2013!




First Sunrise of the New Year

A few new things (besides goals!) for the start of 2013…


1) New Towels!! It’s all about the towels! That probably needs a bit of explanation. Towels are crucial to logistics, particularly because of swimming, plus I am a little bit addicted to colourful towels in general (!) I got these fluffy beauties in the winter sales – towels are incredibly expensive, I find, and these were a great brand. This frees up 3 of last year’s towels for swimming which means I don’t have to take the too-small or too-old-with-holes-in towels unless I’m really behind on the laundry!


2) New Language books for this year – Russian, French, Japanese and German, ready and waiting!


3) New Year = New Journal (that’s the rule in this house anyway!) I found this pretty little thing a couple of months ago and have been saving it – it has little pink butterflies on all the pages inside as well. How could anyone fail to be inspired by butterflies??!


3 thoughts on “NEW for 2013!

  1. Have to agree on the new journal for the new year – bought mine yesterday 🙂 Yay for the newness of a new year! (also, am in awe of your language stuff o_o)

  2. You always inspire me! I don’t have language goals for this year, but I have been motivated to dig out my Latin Harry Potter, and I actually did some Latin review last night in bed. I figure it can be a fun diversion this year.

    Yay for new journal and new towels!

    • Aw thank you!! Yeah I think languages-for-fun is the idea – it makes it much more likely that I’ll actually do something! Each night I pick out activities to do on the train and pack myself a little pocket of fun – books and paper and pens – to keep me from getting bored!
      OH yay new towels!! Serious towel addict!

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