Weightloss Plan

Quickly summing this up at the start of the year – I don’t want this to become just a weight-loss blog (I have another blog for that, haha!) and I don’t want this to be the only goal I achieve this year but I do want it to be a priority so that’s the spirit of this post!

Throughout the last quarter of last year, my aim was to get to the beginning of 2013 with 2lb a week less to lose or less (104lb). It seemed reasonable at first, then as the time drew nearer got less and less realistic, but I was still shooting for as near as I could get. In mid-November, my husband and I revamped our eating and exercising habits and I lost 11lb in the next 5 weeks, which was great – and for a while there I thought I would at least hit the 110lb-to-go range. But then, sadly, I gained 4lb back over Christmas. If I’d lost 4lb instead of gaining it I would have been super-close to my goal! Isn’t that always the way though?

But NEVER MIND! At least having an elevated start-weight will mean I lose weight more quickly at the start of the year and that’ll motivate me to keep going, I hope. My starting point for 2013 was 114.4lb  from goal-weight, and that’s 10.4lb more than the 2lb/week rate, or requiring an overall average weekly loss of 2.2lb/1kg. Whichever way you look at it, the numbers are nice and round, so at least that’s satisfying. I know I CAN lose 2lb a week on average because I DID it for those five weeks – and my eating was by no means perfect during that time. So I’ll be aiming to do that and also chip away at the extra 10lb during the first quarter of the year.

My concrete objective for 1Q is to get to lowest weight yet, that’s 39lb from where I started the year, or 13lb a month. That means losing 2lb a week PLUS the extra 10 PLUS 3 more! Definitely a challenge. BUT it’s less than a stone a month. Is it a long-shot? YES! BUT experience shows I’m never likely to lose more weight than I am at the beginning of the year, and I so so so so SO want to be my lowest weight again for the start of spring, and have the whole spring and summer ahead of me at new lower weights- that would be unbelievably cool after having stalled through most of last year, and the thought of that will motivate me more than anything else, so that’s the goal, and I’m sticking to it.

In line with that, my goal for January is to lose at least 15lb. I did this one January before, either 2011 or 2008, so I know it can be done. That would get me through the next set of ten and into the one below, and psychologically that’s powerful motivation – and it’ll give me a good head start and get me caught up on about 6 of those extra 10lb. 2lb a week is around 8-9lb a month, so what I DON’T want is to start in January losing less than that – hence the ambitious target.

To be honest, all these targets are ambitious, and that’s for a reason! Because when it comes to weight-loss there’s one thing that always remains true: setting a goal of pounds to lose is completely arbitrary, except for motivational reasons. What I should say is: my target is to do 5 cardio workouts a week and 5 strength-training sessions a week, to eat as healthily as I can, cut out starchy carbs from lunches and dinners as much as possible, drink plenty of water and sleep lots, and then I’ll see how much weight that loses me. That’s the reality. I can’t make my body shed pounds just by being determined about it – it’s only my actions that will change things. But I do believe I’ve found a plan that will work for me for the moment and the trial-run from last year definitely did yield the desired results, so I have some grounds for hope. What I’m hoping most of all is that having high targets will motivate me to make better choices by thinking what’s at stake before I start on the chocolates – and that even if I call short of those targets I’ll still achieve a significant amount of weightloss.

Likewise, over the year as a whole, it may well not be enough time to get me to goal-weight even if I stick perfectly to every goal I set myself – I may not be setting the right goals or it may just be too much to expect of my body in that time. If I can’t get to LWY by the first day of spring, but get to it by my birthday in May, I’ll still be happy. If I don’t get under 200 for my birthday, but manage it by September, I’ll still be happy. And if I don’t lose the whole lot this year, but get to 180 (a loss of about 75lb), I’ll happily take that! That would still be pretty life-changing.

So really I just want to spend the year doing the best I can with this goal, and not be stuck like last year. To see any kind of real progress, to get back to new lowest weights, to get beyond half of my goal, that would all be brilliant as far as I’m concerned.


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