2013 Week 2 Language Thoughts

It’s Friday again and time to wrap up some bits of language progress from this past week.

  • Russian continues to go well. I am still doing one page a day on work-days but it’s getting gradually quicker and easier. I’m trying to keep my vocab lists to around 40-45 words as that seems a manageable amount to get through on one train journey (provided I don’t fall asleep in the middle!) and I’m already starting to recognise words I’ve recently learned, which reduces the number of words I need to look up and record. For Friday’s page I only had 60 new vocab items out of maybe 200-250 on a page – this is from having started last week with between 80 and 90! So progress is quick and the learning curve is steep and I’m really enjoying finding out what happens each day in the next instalment! The book starts with some things that weren’t in the film so that was fascinating.
  • Kanji are on target – I caught up from last week’s and have done plenty of practice on both new and old ones this week. I’ve decided from next week I will reduce re-testing the old ones to a fortnightly rotation, just because I am fairly confident I won’t forget them and because it’s a lot of going over very very easy kanji which is a bit of a waste of time. I should probably make a short-list of the 50 I’m most likely to forget and practice those alongside. My fail-rate was down from 43 to 34, so it just shows that progress can still be made – maybe eventually one day I’ll get them all right?!
  • Other reading is going OK although I have to admit I’ve been sleeping much better this week so those midnight reading sessions haven’t happened – I’m glad about that but was also glad to have been a bit ahead and haven’t had much chance on the train between Russian and Kanji. I have all my German pages and half my Japanese still to do. However, I did get caught up on the vocab from the previous week, and this weekend I’ll be out and that involves a train journey, so I’ll have about an hour which should be enough to complete what is still outstanding for week 2 and get ahead a bit for week 3.
  • German listening and French writing both got done – I love those little half-hour slots. Haven’t done incidentals as yet but there is always time for something at the weekend – maybe something interesting as part of my down-time Sunday?
  • My F9 finance paper study materials haven’t arrived yet, so I haven’t made a start on that (and I’m still kind of dreading it) – hopefully next week it’ll be there and I can make a start. I’m hoping that reducing the amount of kanji-testing I’m doing (which is quite time-consuming) will release the half-hour a day which is probably the limit of toleration for me for this subject! I’m still in two minds about when to do the exam, originally I was thinking June but the exam is a week after my birthday and I was going to take a week off to chill out and have fun and I won’t be able to do that with an exam hanging over me, however much I pretend not to care! But the second session is in December which is always a busy time and leaves open the possibility that I might keep putting it off forever :S Anyway I don’t have to decide yet. Best case scenario I become a financial genius overnight and can walk through the exam without worrying about taking a week out the week beforehand 😉

This week was particularly busy at work and even with a few extra hours, I was lucky to get everything done in the end. I think it’s possible that something out of this lot is going to have to give, especially once the F9 kicks in – but at the moment I’m trying to make the effort to fit everything in even when it’s a struggle to do so, without breaking into my home/music time. The trouble is there is never any limit to how much there is to learn! So I’m always thinking up ideas for how I can reinforce what I’m learning in each area but don’t really have time to do them. I had plans to drill my French and German vocab (from the reading) but haven’t had the chance to do that yet – that’s just one example. Thataway madness lies. However, the other thing about languages is that you get progressively better at them! So the things I’m doing now will take me less and less time as the year goes on – and since I’m already mostly hitting my targets, I can expect to have more time later in the year to add in other things. I want to persevere for the moment and not feel like I will have to give up any of my activities.


One thought on “2013 Week 2 Language Thoughts

  1. You are making so much headway! It’s awesome to read about your progress. I’m impressed that you can juggle so many languages at the same time — I remember taking French, Latin and German in highschool in the same year, and sometimes getting mixed up which word was from which language!

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