2013 Week 2 Round-up

Week 2 of 2013: it was always going to be more difficult than Week 1! Mostly this is a story of making it work regardless and not getting a lot of sleep…


A2) Weigh 140 (2.2lb/week): I lost 0.6lb. This isn’t enough to hit any of my averages BUT I am not bummed out at all! There are several reasons for this:

  • Any kind of loss is a win! Psychologically it’s important to keep losing and definitely not gain back.
  • In four of the past six months, I’ve actually gained at least 2lb during Week 2.
  • I know the best of my cycle is still to come and the next couple of weeks are likely to be better.
  • I’ve lost 3lb so far this year (plus the time difference) so even to keep going at this average,  that would be up to 80lb potential loss for this year which I’d happily take – it would get me out of obesity for good at any rate.

I think I’ll be able to improve on that average before the end of the month though. Week 2 was tough, it looked like it was going well at the start and although I had my first social eating-out episodes I picked well – but then the second half of the week was stressful at work, I felt like I had the munchies for about three days and gave in to them only to realise afterwards that I was over-eating the entire time. Given what the scales said at the weekend, I’m glad to have any kind of a loss and am looking forward to next week!

A3) Observe an exercise regime and meal programme that works for me and ticks over in the background. 5×5 target complete. I’m well into my routine on this one and feeling fabulous! We went for our walk on Sunday and something amazing happened – after walking up the hill and down again, we got to the bottom and decided as it was cold to jog a little to warm up. I thought it would just be a few steps at first but we kept going for a few minutes and covered about half a mile – which is GREAT considering that I haven’t jogged AT ALL in over a year, and that our walk is just under 3 hours in total anyway. Plus it was so much fun jogging along together, much less embarrassing and nice to have that tacit encouragement of someone running alongside! I would like to set a long-term goal of us being able to run all the flat sections of that route, and hope this’ll eventually segue into nice weekend runs with the hubby.  I’m also thinking that eventually (later in the year) I may want to be getting some kind of cardio exercise pretty much every day rather than having scheduled days off, as I do notice a difference in my moods if I don’t get some exercise early on in the day – although I need to balance this against general fatigue. This will be easier as the mornings get lighter but it’s something to think about. For now at least, I’m not having any problem at all getting in five sessions a week and in fact I relish it, not for weight-loss reasons at all but just for the all-round benefits. Five times a week seems to come with cumulative benefits and improvements greater than the sum of the parts.

B1) Combined practice target of 720-730 hours or more (15h/week on average):  16 hours done. Phew! I was really worried about hitting this goal with one evening out and one whole day out at the weekend – in the end HH’s 6.15am driving lesson on Saturday gave me an excuse to get up and practice for most of Saturday morning which meant I could have Sunday off for all the other things that weekends are for – which was my main concern. On Monday I got up at 5 and tanked up on coffee which meant I never went back to bed and had more than enough time in the end to get my hours done – 7 ½ just on that one day with an hour to spare in the evening! If I can do it in a week like that, I can do it pretty much any week, so it felt great to be building up more hours on top of my quota. In the battle between sleep and music, Music is finally winning!

C1) Read at least one book each in Japanese, French and German (5/8/4 pages) –  all done and Japanese is done for next week too, although I confess to doing a quick sneaky catch-up on German over breakfast on Monday because I couldn’t bear to finish the week behind! Social activities actually help with this goal as the more journeys I have, the more reading time I have, so that’s a good note to remember.

C2) Retain the ability to write all the kanji I’ve learned so far (up to level 3) – weekly test rotation. Done – and I reduced the failure rate from 43 to 34. It’s really too much to do in a week though, I will be reducing this to a fortnightly rotation as I have other stuff to focus on.

C3) Learn the rest of my 常用漢字  (standard kanji) and be able to write any character from the reading/meaning: 12 characters a week. Second card done and plenty of practice to get caught up on the first week’s characters too.

C5) Improve written French (work on this weekly) – ½ hour/week – Done, just squeezed in on Friday afternoon.

C7) Increase German vocabulary – I have made a list but not tested it!

C8) German listening – at least once/week on walks to work – Done.

C9) Read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in Russian – 14 pages or tapered version – Still holding steady at 1 page a day – I’ve found my feet and this is taking me less than an hour now. I’m hoping to get down to 15 minutes by the end of 1Q so hopefully I can see the time get shorter over the next few weeks.

C10) Incidental languages – one session a week, ½ hour – didn’t do this, not sure about whether to try and carry it over or not?

G1) Pass F9 and become officially “part qualified” – 2hours per week – still no books. I did have a think though about the exam and now I’m thinking I’ll try and get it over with in June, as there are still 4½ months to go and that’s long enough for anyone to study financial management! Plus I won’t have as much money to spend in May as in June so I think I’ll take a week off at the end of June and enjoy myself – and by then it’ll all be over and off my back.

E1) Weekly card – another birthday card done.

E2) Weekly scrapbook page – did a page on random aspirations and dreams for later in 2013.  

F1) Maintain friendships – saw my best mate for dinner and had a good catch up, and two old friends on Saturday – they seem to be sorting themselves out and having a better time than last year!

F2) Weekly post item – I sent three thank-you notes from Christmas with a couple of photos, and a new-job/moving card for H at her new address, which I think cheered her up!

F3) Weekly gift – week two in lieu for the first week’s spending, although I technically gave one gift I’d already bought and recovered another for the gift stash.



A4) Tackle one eating habit per month – my habit for January is to eat more Fruit and Veg: I bought fruit for work and at it ALL! Usually I buy two different kinds (apples, satsumas, bananas etc.) of maybe 6-8 pieces each and end up sharing a lot of it around, giving it away or taking it home at the weekend. This time I ate the whole lot myself! So that’s got to be an improvement. I picked up 10 different kinds of veg in the weekly shop on Friday and made the most incredible chicken and veg stew on Monday that went down well with both of us.

E3) Monthly sewing project – Project Tunic continues! I did the seams and about half the hemming, so this can definitely get finished this month.

I worked on clearing out the studio, moved some books around and cleared a shelf and some space on the desk. Now I just need to actively decide what to put there (things I actually use/want to have around me) rather than letting it get cluttered up with things that don’t have other homes!



  • Weight-loss: Would love a 3-4lb loss and to cross over into that next 10 for good.
  • Music hours: I’m only working three days (woohoo!) so this shouldn’t be a problem as I’ll have an extra day at home to myself. My social stuff is all happening on Saturday in two separate episodes so that’ll be great fun – but should also mean I get to play every single day this week. A good chance all in all to get some hours stored up.
  • I’m looking forward to having a bit more me-time as well over the long weekend! This will be the easiest week schedule-wise for the next month so a good chance to think ahead.




5 thoughts on “2013 Week 2 Round-up

  1. Wow, many exciting and inspiring things in this post! Happy to hear that you managed to keep your weight-loss rolling. I agree — any loss is a win! And very exciting about the spontaneous jogging, too! I agree about the jogging with hubby part. In fact, I’m not sure I would be running as I am now, without the support of my DH as my running partner. He has encouraged me when I felt like I wanted to give up, made me accountable, given me companionship through the runs… I credit him with my running successes. Go, you!

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