Week 3 Round-up

Week 3 already!


A2) Weigh 140 (2.2lb/week): I lost 1.8lb this week which is at least better than last week, but to be honest I thought it would be more, it looked like it would be more, and I was a bit disappointed. Hopefully this means there’ll be a good week to come in week 4 though, and I’ve lost 4.8 for the month and year so far which, scaled up as an average, gives me a potential loss of 83lb for the year – not so bad, and always a reminder to play the long game. Oh, and I broke into the next ten! So that’s something to celebrate! As is three weeks of losses in a row!

A3) Observe an exercise regime and meal programme that works for me and ticks over in the background. 5×5 target complete. We had snow for the second half of the week and this really threw a spanner in the works – no long walks up icy hills for us! And no trip out to the pool on Monday; but I did two bike workouts to compensate so I’m not complaining. It really made a difference not going all the way out to the pool on Monday so I have a feeling those long swims are going to get culled to twice a month, but will definitely try to go next week as I miss it!

B1) Combined practice target of 720-730 hours or more (15h/week on average):  16 hours done. Only because I forgot about one hour, I’d been aiming for 15 but it’s nice to have the extra. I’m now at 50 hours for the year, and am really noticing some progress – a post on this will be coming later in the week. By the time Monday came I only had 5¾ hours left (which was actually only 4¾, if I’d known it at the time!) so that’s much more like where I’d want to be.

C1) Read at least one book each in Japanese, French and German (5/8/4 pages) –  all done and I’m a week ahead on everything except German, which is proving the trickiest despite being the smallest book! Hopefully it’ll pick up a bit soon. Phileas Fogg is off on the train to Dover!

C2) Retain the ability to write all the kanji I’ve learned so far (up to level 3) – weekly test rotation. Done – I’m on track with a 2-weekly rotation, and this is a much more manageable amount. The challenge will be to see how many extra I forget during the two-week period!

C3) Learn the rest of my 常用漢字  (standard kanji) and be able to write any character from the reading/meaning: 12 characters a week. Third card done but I’m a bit behind on testing and practice.

C5) Improve written French (work on this weekly) – ½ hour/week – Done, it wasn’t much but it was done!

C7) Increase German vocabulary – Nothing extra done here.

C8) German listening – at least once/week on walks to work – Done and I finished listening through the whole lot on the first day of week 4 – so I should be able to go over everything several times this year and hopefully most of it will sink in!

C9) Read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in Russian – 14 pages or tapered version – Still doing a page a day – this is still one of my favourite things to do. I think it may end up becoming two pages a day in the not-too distant future!

C10) Incidental languages – one session a week, ½ hourNot sure it was the full half-hour but this was done. I was thinking ahead to next year and wondering what language to learn next, basically – my options are gradually narrowing as I only have three more Harry Potter books to go! Spanish would probably be the easiest but I really wanted to do that as an intense see-how-much-I-can-learn-in-a-year type thing which maybe is not going to work so well at the moment. Chinese would also be an option that makes sense, but after the hassle I had learning Russian keyboard, it occurred to me that I’d need to know the readings of the characters in order to look them up, which is going to be a hell of an undertaking and something I need to not leave until the last minute. SO in the end I started having a little look at Arabic to see whether it’s something I can pick up phonetically well enough to type, and HH showed me a few things which was cool. Don’t need to make the decision yet by any means but the curiosity gave me something extra to study and think about.

G1) Pass F9 and become officially “part qualified” – 2hours per week – I did do some of this each day, completed Study Block 1 which was an incredibly useful exercise on calculator functions, and started reading for Block 2. My target is to complete one block a week and sometimes a bit more, but mostly to just keep ploughing through and learning whatever I can.

E1) Weekly card – got stuck into this during the snow days and finished two cards plus three bases.

E2) Weekly scrapbook page – done, did a double-page spread on our travel dream-destinations which took ages in research! Have also prepped some pictures for next week.   

F1) Maintain friendships – saw all my best mates on Saturday which was ace! It was weird going up to London on a weekend but also kind of cool to be up early and wandering around before the crowds. We had a wander around the East End and Spitalfields with a nose around the market and breakfast in a funky café in the morning, and then in the afternoon there were baby cuddles and fish finger sandwiches and it just doesn’t get better than that! It was a long day but I was incredibly excited and it was lovely!

F2) Weekly post item – I was trying to get my Japanese letters done, and did make a start but knew I wouldn’t get them finished so copped out a bit and sent an easier English card (also to Japan). One of my old Japanese teachers is coming to visit at Easter!! I’m overwhelmed and overjoyed about that and she said she’d put the details in a letter so that’s another reason I’m holding off. I have bought the crucial stamps though! It occurred to me that between the teaching and the letter-writing I’ve known those two teachers for a third of my life! So it will be awesome to have the chance to show her round. If it weren’t for post I wouldn’t still have that connection so it just goes to show.

F3) Weekly gift – week three in lieu for the first week’s spending, I bought some edible gifts though 😉



A4) Tackle one eating habit per month – my habit for January is to eat more Fruit and Veg think I did pretty well with this. A month is a good period to really take on a new change in lifestyle and I’ve been learning a lot.

E3) Monthly sewing project – didn’t do anything this week!

I’ve had quite a bit of progress with my piano pieces this week and think the month’s practice as a whole will see me make big steps forward.



  • I want to see about pushing to six workouts a week and get into the habit of swimming on work-days. Ice permitting!
  • Music hours: it looks like a week where HH has a lot of overtime which means long evenings to practice, and we don’t have any plans this weekend yet. The ideal situation would be that I get my 15 hours done by the end of Sunday so I can choose exactly what I want to do come Monday! Or in any case, get to 11 and not leave myself more than four hours to do on Monday. I definitely want to try and get something recorded this week.
  • I need to find chances at work to do a bit more kanji practice here and there.
  • Hopefully I’m going to finish my sewing project as it’s the last weekend of the month!



2 thoughts on “Week 3 Round-up

  1. Re weight: any downward progress is worth celebrating! Better to lose the weight slowly, and keep it off, by making changes to your daily habits, that to drop a lot of weight quickly through habits you can’t sustain in the longterm.

    • Yes true. The averages really help me – if I keep going for the whole year I can make big changes even though day by day and week-on-week they feel so small. I think I’m enjoying it more than before, I’m not counting calories or forcing myself to exercise when I don’t want to. So I guess having a positive experience with it also makes up for the speed a little bit.

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