Week 4 Round-up

Week 4 was a bizarre week that pushed my physical strength and sleep pattern to the limit, with interesting results – still, glad to see ticks across the board for the fourth week in a row!


A2) Weigh 140 (2.2lb/week): The shameful and frustrating truth is that I lost nothing. It’s exactly the same as last week, so I’m no further on (and gradually falling further behind the plan) – and even more frustratingly, I can’t see any reason why this should be, other than because week 4 is always a tricky one, and that I didn’t get anything like enough sleep. I had one dodgy eating day but I haven’t eaten out at all and upped my workouts so… it is what it is. Here’s hoping that I get some kind of loss by Friday to improve my month-end total.

A3) Observe an exercise regime and meal programme that works for me and ticks over in the background. I beat my 5×5 target by getting in six cardio workouts (triple bike starting in the previous week, followed by triple swim, followed by a run and then a long swim)! The normal schedule was thrown out by the snow, hence the string of bike workouts at home, and I also experimented with making swimming before work a daily thing Wednesday-Friday rather than just going Tuesdays and Fridays. This works better because I have Tuesday to get my shopping and sort myself out, and then the other three days all work exactly the same so I know what I’m into. This has bust a load of myths for me – firstly that I need that second rest-day, when my body may actually be craving more exercise.  Secondly that I can’t hack doing the same workout on consecutive days – actually I can! Those bike workouts in particular I thought would be too hard but actually they were OK. The run was news to me! The third thing I (re-)learned is that the best thing I can do to combat tiredness is to workout, preferably in the morning. It was a good week. I felt stiff from the run but my body is definitely getting stronger.

B1) Combined practice target of 720-730 hours or more (15h/week on average):  I did 15 ½ hours. I’d been taking the opportunity when HH was working late to pack in as much music as I could in the evenings last week, and was already over 10 hours by Friday night. But the tiredness caught up with me and I had spectacularly unproductive days over the weekend, managing to get my hours finished up on Monday quite easily around other projects I was finishing for the month-end. So it should really have been more than this. Note to self: this doesn’t really work! The most I can fit in even on a good evening is around three hours; it’s far better to have the regular sleep and then get in 4-6 hours each day at the weekend  rather than sleeping the days away!  That said, I did actually get some decent recording done this week AND finished writing a song I’d been stuck with so there were good results to show for the time.

C1) Read at least one book each in Japanese, French and German (5/8/4 pages) –  all done, still a week ahead.

C2) Retain the ability to write all the kanji I’ve learned so far (up to level 3) – weekly test rotation. Done – finished the rotation, failure rate estimated at around 50ish although I don’t have all the notes, so not too bad. Starting a new rotation today.

C3) Learn the rest of my 常用漢字  (standard kanji) and be able to write any character from the reading/meaning: 12 characters a week. Four cards in but still dodgy on the readings – will be adding this as a must-do weekly thing from next month, and I need to fit in more writing practice time during the day at work.

C5) Improve written French (work on this weekly) – ½ hour/week – I didn’t fit this in at work and then almost completely forgot about it but remembered on Monday night while checking through my lists! I did a ¼ hour of exercises from a textbook we have and that was quite illuminating – it’s a good level and an easy go-to activity if I’m doing this at home.

C7) Increase German vocabulary – Still nothing, I think I may take this off the list!  

C8) German listening – at least once/week on walks to work – Done and feeling good.

C9) Read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in Russian – 14 pages or tapered version – Still doing a page a day – on target with this and loving it still!

C10) Incidental languages – one session a week, ½ hourNot done, but that’s OK.

G1) Pass F9 and become officially “part qualified” – 2hours per week – I finished Unit 1 and did the quick-test. Already quite bored of this :S

E1) Weekly card – Was a little low on time but made up a sweet card in GREEN thanks to some of the stuff I prepped last week.

E2) Weekly scrapbook page – I did a page on the snow days we had, it needs a bit of finishing up though.

F1) Maintain friendships – a quiet week for this after the busy week before – we didn’t even have a lunch out. I saw my best mate and her parents who were visiting, and that was it. I was kind of glad to have the evenings to myself though, in all honesty.

F2) Weekly post item – the Japanese letters are STILL NOT DONE! I had an emergency birthday situation so did that instead! Must stop finding excuses to put these letters off! I have two Japanese letters and two non-Japanese letters to do – they’re stacking up! I did send a bit of a complicated Japanese e-mail though.

F3) Weekly gift – see emergency birthday situation above. It’s all good when you have a weekly gift budget!



A4) Tackle one eating habit per month – my habit for January is to eat more Fruit and Veg – lots of F&V and I brought my lunch to work every single day!! Also made myself some interesting but easy dinners when I was home alone all week.

E3) Monthly sewing project – my tunic top is done!! It’s dead cute and I wore it yesterday. Will post some pictures soon!

I had a massive clearout and move around of the studio and the space works so much better now!


  • I NEED TO GET MORE SLEEP! As in more consistent sleep, not just one day of sleeping! I think this is one of the barriers to my weightloss and I just don’t feel great – it was good to learn that the combination of workouts and coffee can get me through on 5-6 hours a night but I don’t really want to live that way unless I have to!
  • We’re transitioning into February so I’ve been wrapping up January things and will be setting new goals on Friday. January has been a good learning experience and on the whole my weekly targets have been met, so now it’s a question of how I can do all of this with a little more grace and evenness.






2 thoughts on “Week 4 Round-up

  1. I’ve read that not getting enough sleep can hamper weight loss, so maybe that’s it? But don’t get discouraged. If you are eating a healthy diet, avoiding refined foods and sugars, and exercising, it’s impossible that you won’t lose weight in the long term. There’s nothing shameful about hitting a plateau. Try to focus on the fact that you are nurturing your body with healthy foods that will make you healthier and feel better, regardless of the number on the scale. Remember that your current weight is the result of years of eating a certain way, and it will take time to come off again! If, in a year from now, you’ve lost even half the weight you want to, and kept it off, how much better will you feel? Keep going, and trust in the process!

    • Yeah I remember reading an article about the myriad ways sleep aids different weightloss processes – that’s the only factor I can really think of and I will definitely be prioritising it in future months – a lesson learned! I feel so much better and am so much more productive when I sleep too!

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