Week 7 Round-up

Week 7 was down then up then down again! Meh. A day late getting this written up but I’m thinking it’ll look better on paper than it does in my head…


A2) Weigh 140 (2.2lb/week): I lost 1.8lb thanks to weighing in a day later – it’s been all over the place due to girly-week but as it stands I feel it’s back to more or less where it should be. I have been making improvements at work with reducing the number of snacks I’m having and not eating between meals – so hopefully this increased rate is here to stay. I need to get to the point where I’m regularly losing 2lb a week or more before I’ll be happy that I’ve made enough changes in my lifestyle, but hopefully the next couple of weeks will indicate the overall trend for better or worse.

A3) Observe an exercise regime and meal programme that works for me and ticks over in the background. Still observing my 5×5 exercise commitment, mostly swimming with a long hill-walk on Saturday.  I’m pretty astounded to have gotten seven weeks in and not missed a single workout! That fact alone is pretty cool. Maybe one of these days I’ll start making it to 6x6s…? This week at the pool I pulled out a 29:28 1K and 1:02:28 2K which are PBs for me at least for the last two years, if not longer.

B1) Combined practice target of 720-730 hours or more (15h/week on average): got 17 hours this week and passed the 100-hour point for the year. I had a great week for this because I had Friday off and managed to get my baseline 15 hours done between evenings, Friday and Saturday, so I had the whole of Sunday and Monday to do other stuff and managed to get in a couple of extra hours too. I also recorded a load of stuff and edited/uploaded my first song of the year so that was a big milestone! I am definitely making progress…

C1) Read at least one book each in Japanese, French and German (5/8/4 pages) –  done, in a very chilled out way on Sunday, mostly snuggled under the duvet J Was glad to get this done after not having managed it on the trains, and it was pretty fun and relaxing.

C2) Retain the ability to write all the kanji I’ve learned so far (up to level 3) – weekly test rotation. I didn’t do any testing this week as I only had three days at work, but I did do some practice a couple of days.

C3) Learn the rest of my 常用漢字  (standard kanji) and be able to write any character from the reading/meaning: 12 characters a week. Skipped this week again – it’s not as much of a priority as other things. My work/travel/home balance of activities is in the middle of a restructure so I’m still working out where best to fit this in.

C5) Improve written French (work on this weekly) – ½ hour/week – Not done…  but I did some Japanese writing, can I count that instead?!

C8) German listening – at least once/week on walks to work – Not done because I fried my phone again!

C9) Read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in Russian – 14 pages or tapered version – I did two pages mostly on the train going to see a friend on Monday. In the process I’ve discovered that it’s actually much less hassle to do this on the train and look things up on the phone, although it takes longer to compile vocab lists for testing. Seeing as I have no time for testing at the moment I’m not going to let that keep me from getting through the hard work of reading as many pages as I can fit in.

C10) Incidental languages – one session a week, ½ hour – Not deliberately done, but we had an interesting event at work in Japanese/English where there was non-simultaneous interpreting, and that was interesting to watch and also good exposure.   

G1) Pass F9 and become officially “part qualified” – 2hours per week – I’m not sure I did this to be honest? Maybe a tiny bit?!

E1) Weekly card – Done! I finished up one of the bases I’d made in a previous week. Splashed out on a couple of small crafting purchases (tape, glue and some really really cool collections of little insert pages and cards!) which have inspired me to do more.

E2) Weekly scrapbook page – done!

F1) Maintain friendships – took advantage of having the extra day off and had two different pretty in-depth meet ups with two different friends.

F2) Weekly post item – Finished the second Japanese letter! So that’s great. I now just have some easy English ones to do over the next week or two and a long one has just come in so that’ll need a proper dedicated reply!

F3) Weekly gift – done – I got ahead of myself and pre-booked my Mothers’ day gift! Definitely in the spirit of this goal…


A4) Tackle one eating habit per month – my habit for February is to eat as little as emotionally possible. I’m working on avoiding that really unbearably full feeling, which means being aware and choosing to limit my portions before I get to that point.

E3) Monthly sewing project – not started at all!

It’s getting on towards the end of February and I feel pleased with the things I’ve managed to keep with, and also aware that it’s time for a bit of a shake-up of the things that I’ve struggled with. I need to be more flexible about the work-time/non-work division of activities and try to enjoy doing languages for the sake of them without stressing about whether I’m meeting my targets or not at this stage. I’ve been having a few thoughts about things to change, new things to add in, and so on. But the most important thing is to continue maintaining the level of work I’m doing on my priorities and really cementing that through to the end of the first quarter and beyond.



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