Week 11 Round-Up

CANNOT BELIEVE it is just two weeks until the end of the quarter! I have so much on the next few weeks I can already feel the second quarter getting away from me – I need to really start setting almost daily “next-step” goals to keep myself focused otherwise I’ll wind up at the end of June with no progress on anything!


A2) Weigh 140 (2.2lb/week): Whichever way you look at it, I gained some weight back this week.  It’s between ½lb and a pound and it’s my first real gain-back – sure it’s disappointing but hopefully only temporary! I gained weight with my period (when usually I would have a loss) and seeing that sent me into a horrific day of eating on Friday, so I’m glad it wasn’t worse really. For some reason I always seem to have one absolutely DIRE day during the week – I need to try and get out of that habit and keep myself regulated on a daily basis, both stress and food. Still, onwards!

A3) Observe an exercise regime and meal programme that works for me and ticks over in the background. 6×4 in the end. I’m not having any problem getting my cardio done, and have come up with brilliant exercise routines  that make the most of the time available without stretching the things out with lots of preparation/transfer time. I love my swims, I love my runs, and all of that is great. I did strength training 4 times, once I forgot, once I was too sore (I did some proper body squats on Saturday and it killed my legs the way squats are meant to!) and I’m not sure if this is a permanent shift or not. I’ve been pondering only doing strength training every other day to try and get the best out of it with a day to recover – although I will have to push a bit harder with what I’m doing if that’s the case. There’s never any real reason why I can’t get in a few push-ups each day anyway.

B1) Combined practice target of 720-730 hours or more (15h/week on average): 17h40 done, so halfway to 20h from the baseline of 15. Felt great to get the extra done and have some real time to work on some song projects. I want to start at least aiming for 20h a week even if I don’t always get there, I just have more that I want to do and it doesn’t fit in to my current schedule. However, I’ve stuck to my 15h/week all year and that’s probably the achievement I’m currently most proud of.  I have less than 25 hours to go to reach my 200 hour target for the quarter!

C1) Read at least one book each in Japanese, French and German (5/8/4 pages) –  This week I did my Japanese pages, and got up to where I’m supposed to be for the end of the quarter. I had a flashback of when I first moved to Japan and spent hours in a bookshop (racking up at least £100 in dictionary and textbook purchases!) looking at all the kanji and thinking, will I ever be able to understand them? And then I was overwhelmed by how cool it was to just be lying in bed reading a Japanese book, without having to look hardly anything up. It sure was worth the effort and I hope this will continue to be more of a hobby/indulgence than something I have to do.

C2) Retain the ability to write all the kanji I’ve learned so far (up to level 3) – weekly test rotation. Did half the rotation, that’s good enough.

C3) Learn the rest of my 常用漢字  (standard kanji) and be able to write any character from the reading/meaning: 12 characters a week. Not done but I have plans to figure this back in to my travel-time study-pack.   

C5) Improve written French (work on this weekly) – ½ hour/week – Not done. I haven’t even touched Lang-8 yet! Bummer!

C8) German listening – at least once/week on walks to work –  Done, I really enjoyed this and did some French listening too.

C9) Read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in Russian – 14 pages or tapered version – Done, I’m ahead of where I should be and might be able to fit in a few extra pages before the quarter closes.

C10) Incidental languages – one session a week, ½ hour – Not done. If only I had the time!!

G1) Pass F9 and become officially “part qualified” – 2hours per week – Did some good solid work on this.

E1) Weekly card – Not sure I actually did this.

E2) Weekly scrapbook page – Not done as such but I did prep work for two pages and started some wishcasting about a house in a different book.

F1) Maintain friendships – Met up with J after work on Friday. That Friday night slot is turning out to be a great time to see people because it’s when I’m most relaxed and it really helps me switch from Work Mode to Music Mode without really thinking about it. Some Fridays admittedly I used to get in extra music time but on the whole I mostly used to go home and collapse so this seems to work better. Things with J are really coming into their own as well, that was a friendship I had kind of neglected last year but it’s always worth putting in the time to see her and we are on an “up-swing” at the moment I guess.  

F2) Weekly post item – Not done or even really prepped! Oops.

F3) Weekly gift – Not done but at least I’m saving money?!


A4) Tackle one eating habit per month – my habit for March is to write down my feelings just before I eat. Haven’t been doing this so much but I think I am a bit more conscious of when I actually NEED to eat (for any reason) and what’s going on. It’s at least at the back of my mind. It seems to be a long month on this topic so I still have time to improve. Also I started reading back over my therapy journal and re-considering some of the stuff from there – that’s my holy grail in terms of weight-loss strategy because it worked! But it’s tough going.

Mental: Thinky-time day – I did this on Monday and wrote quite a lot about various things, BUT I haven’t wrapped it up into anything final yet. Also slightly freaking out that my 2Q goals won’t be ready on time unless I can get them done next weekend!

Really, I could use two more hours in each day: one more for sleep, and one for extra writing. I feel so much better for doing extra writing! Sadly, diverting this amount of time to those things would completely obliterate my music practice time, which has become the corner-stone of my week – I can get a lot done on the weekends but only if I’ve chipped away at the hours during the weeknights. So for now I guess I’ll continue fuzzy-headed and slightly sleep-deprived!


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