I feel like I started out the year with this massively complicated list of goals and now, three months in, although I’ve been reasonably successful with what I set out to do, things have ended up very busy and I don’t have the time or inclination to track everything on such a detailed basis (I have a feeling this happens every year!)

So my list of goals for 2Q is quite straightforward, a few fairly massive milestones to complete and all fairly life-changing one way and another. After three months of setting the ground-work, I have some real accomplishments to make in the next three months and that will lead on to having quite a different life in the second half of the year. I have a two-week break at the end of June, so that will be a good time to assess how far I’ve come and hopefully how much has changed – and also with the change in the time and (hopefully!) the weather, things should start to feel more positive! I can only achieve this little lot if I work smart and work every day though.


  • Get past LWY 

Not entirely sure how to go about this as my progress has been very slow so far! But I feel like I’ve got into a more stable and predictable eating pattern so far this year, so maybe each week I can try to remove one extra thing and tip the balance to losing an actual 2lb or more each week. I want this SO much for SO many reasons and yet it’s the hardest thing to break through.

  • Consolidate my exercise schedule (6x5s) until it feels easy

I have just about made it to an ideal schedule of 6x cardio sessions a week + strength at least every other day but usually 5x a week. I’ve managed to do this by making it easy – finding easy routines that work and fit with the rest of my lifestyle. At the moment it’s a challenge physically but I want to persevere with it and hopefully by the end of 2Q it’ll be second nature!

  • Pay off our debt

Whatever happens, this should be more than possible by June but hopefully before! It’ll feel immense to have this gone for good, two years after we first started planning to spend it!

  • Sit F9 

I just want to get this out of the way and then will let myself have the rest of the year off. It’s my one professional/bitter pill for the year but I’m trying to approach it in a manageable way without causing myself extra stress. Passing this paper will get me to the next stage in my qualification and give me more options job-wise so I will be glad to have it done!

  • Learn, perfect and record all my existing/reworked songs

In 1Q I managed to record and upload 3 songs with 2 more very nearly finished. I have a group of reworked songs plus a load of new ones ready to go and I think getting something recorded and uploaded each week is not only a good target for my own discipline but keeps interest on the website.

  • Come up with another 8-10 song ideas for the album

I have about 8-10 already so the same again would give me plenty to choose from! I need to devote some time almost every day to songwriting if I want to achieve this.

  • Get 50 songs to gig-ready level

My latest gig-list has about 22 songs at various levels of readiness. Add the new songs above and 20 or so new covers or re-worked songs and I’ll be there! It’s ambitious but if I can manage it I could be in line to have 100 songs by the end of the year.

I’m going to focus more on projects than on time but will still be aiming to get 15-20h a week in on music.

  • Check out the studio and hire a practice room 

This is a one-off goal that is the stepping-stone to starting recording in 3Q. I have an idea of the studio I want to use but it’s quite intimidating! They hire practice rooms at the same place so my one goal is to hire a practice room at least one day and check the place out, hopefully adding in a few more practice sessions so I feel comfortable there, get to know the crew etc.


I need to include these things on a daily basis/as much as possible:

  • Proper SLEEP
  • F92 practice questions each work day + 5 mins train time
  • LANGUAGES – I still want to keep going with kanji and Russian and fit in whatever else I can when I have the inclination!
  • CLEANING – I want to make sure I get through everything every week and stay slightly more on top of things.

One thought on “2Q GOALS!

  1. I just finished a book you might find helpful, called “Making Habits, Breaking Habits” by Jeremy Dean. Through it, he neatly summarizes the research on why we habitually do what we do, and the strategies that work (or don’t) for changing existing habits or creating new ones. None of the recommendations are earth-shatteringly new, but all are backed up by research.

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