2Q Road-map

Today I actually had some “free” time at last – a little breather in between jobs. Work has been so manic lately but now things feel like they’re finally getting back to a normal and manageable level – I’m hoping things will stabilise now and I can get into a better rhythm. I’ve been sickening for something a bit too but hopefully with less to drain me and more consistent sleep (and some better weather, warmer breezes and more time out in the fresh air) I can kick that aside once and for all!

So on this reasonably temperate Friday afternoon I have decided to bring you: a road-map for the next 10 weeks of my life! Lucky you. There are 13 weeks in the quarter, week one is almost done, and I’m planning to be on holiday for the final two. Given how quickly this week has gone I can imagine how quickly the intervening ten weeks are going to go!

BLOCK A: Pre-audit – 2 weeks

This is the lull at work between closing our accounts and being invaded by auditors. Work should be smooth and in any case I am not working the full second week (I have enough hours not to work the full first week either but I think I might explode with excitement if I have two short weeks back to back!) I already have three fairly large social commitments during these two weeks so will need to fit in my music hours where I can – but the main thing is to get my work hours back to normal so my evening schedule and sleep works better too. And I need to be getting the most out of my work hours too and fitting in as much study as possible to reduce exam stress. I definitely need to finish the textbook before the audit and be making progress with the questions at the same time. I’m also about to hit a weightloss milestone during this time, at which I’ve promised myself I’ll do a clothes audit, get all my smaller clothes and summer clothes out of storage! So that’ll be good for morale!

BLOCK B: Audit – 2 weeks

The first of these weeks is the audit that affects me, so although I will aim to contain the fallout I may need to be flexible about my work hours here. I have one social thing planned already and a pencilled-in work do at the end to celebrate the audit being over! I also have my first ever company health check at the start of the second week – eek! – which will affect my Monday schedule and that week is the week of transition into running season where I’ll be starting to switch up one morning swim for a morning run instead.

BLOCK C: Audit to Birthday – 3 weeks

Once the audit’s finished work should definitely fade back into the background! It should be proper spring by now, long days, light evenings, early morning runs. One of these weeks should be a short one for me and I don’t have any plans yet except for my birthday at the end of it. This will be prime and crucial study time.

BLOCK D: Birthday to Exam – 2 weeks

More of the same for this – more intense focus on study and a short second week finishing with the exam at the end of it. Not sure what plans I have in store at this stage!

BLOCK E: Exam to Holiday – 1 week

Final week to wrap everything up at work (no studying to do!!!) and make sure I’m on top of everything! Hoping by this point that I’ll be in a very different place in terms of my weightloss and music progress and should be able to make the final debt payment. Life could be VERY different by now!

Just thinking about how I’ll feel once I get into my holiday and can have a complete break from the drama-filled microcosm that is WORK, and even coming back to work afterwards with no evil finance exam to study for, no debt, potentially a new wardrobe and recording sessions booked for the third album – oh life will be very different indeed!! Live the dream and it’ll have been worth all the effort!


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