Run Report 8/4/13 and fitness in general

I missed out one run – on 25th March I did the identical run from 11th March, 2.43k in 23min. Wasn’t wildly excited about that so I guess I forgot to post!

Today I had quite a random haphazard run – I walked up to the park but it was full of dogs (ugh!) so decided to go off around the estate next to it on a footpath and that was actually really nice – some whopping great mansions up there so I did a couple of circuits round the infant school and then ran down the hill to the main road. Then found that part of the main road was shut off so came back up the REALLY STEEP HILL – it was SO tough, I was running as slow as I could possibly manage and still my breathing was rapid and wheezy and I thought I’d have to stop – but I was really determined to make it! And it felt wonderful getting to the top. That’s two of the best minutes of cardio I’ve done all year, right there! After that it felt easy so I rolled down the hill and jogged into town as well – ended up doing a full 30 minutes, it was so sunny and I’d had loads of rest and was feeling great! I wasn’t really pushing that hard though but I did really enjoy it which is the main thing. I noticed today and on Saturday when we walked for 3 hours that I’m much less fatigued than I used to be, I think that’s thanks to all the strength training and squats in particular. And yesterday I had the day “off” but I did remember to do some extra stretching and I think that must have helped too. The map says 3.1k – not the 3.5 I was hoping for – so clearly I was not pushing very much at all! But at least I ran the hill and a few other ups and downs and most of all enjoyed myself!

I’m glad to have gotten today’s run done – that’s my 6th workout this week and the first week of 13 done. Over the course of these 13 weeks I’m hoping to find that working out gets a lot easier. Plus it’s only three more weeks and I’ll be switching up to two runs a week and once I get settled into that routine I hope I’ll see my pace increase. I feel like I’m on the verge of a fitness revolution of sorts, it would be great to feel really strong again and thrive on the workouts.


One thought on “Run Report 8/4/13 and fitness in general

  1. So exciting! Way to go! It’s really nice when the weather lets you run outside, isn’t it?

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