Week 14 Round-Up

Oh blimey I haven’t done a round-up since Week 11! Briefly, Week 12 was the week everything started getting away from me and Week 13 I just about did everything but also had a few days “off” over Easter. I feel like changing the way I round-up as some of the stuff doesn’t apply each week to the level of detail I started it in and also my priorities have shifted as the time has gone on!

Week 14 was pretty awesome! I felt refreshed after a long weekend that really felt like a holiday, and reinvigorated with new and somewhat simplified plans. I feel like I achieved everything I needed to but with the aim of keeping a balanced scorecard, I’m going to try and wrap-up under the various headings and then maybe plan out some things for week 15.


  • Weight: I lost 2.8lb in my first week of trying to contain my eating under the new plan. It wasn’t perfect and there were a couple of days that were dodgy in their entirety so there is still room for improvement, but it was a good first week and I felt motivated to try. My goal to get to LWY by the end of June is 2.4lb a week so I surpassed this and actually, this was my biggest weekly loss this year I believe.
  • Exercise: 6 cardio and 4 strength, which is within the plan. 4 swims, a gloriously sunny run and a long walk with the hubster. I remembered to stretch on my day off and more in general. Altogether this is feeling really good. I also slept plenty – one very early weeknight and lots of rest over the weekend and I think this helped keep me fresh.

MUSIC: I feel like I took a big step forward here.

  • Got my online presence stuff sorted out – set up TwitMusic, a new FB page (after my old one was hacked) and got on top of what I’m doing with fans, follows and likes off the RN page. Every day since the middle of last week I’ve had new likes, plays and fans and all of that helps me feel like I’m getting a bit more notice! Now to keep the momentum by having new stuff to post each week! I also did a load of research about covers and decided against that for now.
  • I recorded the two songs that have been ready for a while – it was hard work because I’ve had a bit of a cold but hopefully what came out will be good. At worst I may have to re-do the vocals to be really happy with them but have started editing the first one anyway.
  • I worked on three brand new songs and a bit on one that I started before – that’s loads. Since I decided to focus more on my own songs rather than (or at least as much as) covers, the extra time I’ve spent has resulted in extra ideas.
  • I did learn a couple of new covers as well, one of which is stonking and I love it!
  • I worked on some technical guitar stuff.
  • I found one friend who might be able to help with videos and another who does mastering! This is beyond brilliant – would much rather have the album mastered by someone who knows me!


  • I had two good days and then ran out of steam so I got half the stuff done I was planning to. At the moment I’m ONLY getting done Russian reading and kanji testing on the train which is just the bare minimum.
  • I don’t think I did any listening.
  • I did read about 9 pages of French.
  • Work was really busy for the first couple of days so I didn’t get as much F9 done as I’d hoped, but I did work through one question (out of four!) and some reading.


  • Met one friend on Friday and we had a great and inspiring time.
  • Haven’t sent any letters but I *Did* buy the printer cartridge so I could print the photos to send with the two letters that are pending!
  • A couple of catch-up FB messages
  • I started scrapping a page based on my dream outcomes for 2Q
  • No card-making or sewing this week but lots of ideas!



Now comes the scary bit!! We are one week down in 2Q with only 12 to go! So that means:

–        12 WEEKS TO THE HALFWAY POINT: That’s only 9 weekends + two weeks off. If I want to get my music stuff up to date that means keeping on with recording at least a song a week. Plus for this week get the two songs from last week edited and KEEP WRITING, keep practicing, keep learning new songs!

–        10 WEEKS TO MY HOLIDAY: If I keep going at this rate I could be LWY before the holiday rather than after. That’s got to be worth trying for!

–        9 WEEKS TO THE F9 EXAM: eeek! I need to get my act in gear and just keep doing MORE. At the beginning of this week I had about 140 pages left of the text, plus I’m supposed to do 2 practice questions a day and so far I have done ONE from the whole of last week! My aims for this week are to:

  • Get through half the remaining text at least
  • Do four more questions, one from each major section

–        7 WEEKS TO MY BIRTHDAY: Where do I want to be by the time I turn 32?

–        3 WEEKS TO THE END OF APRIL: I didn’t set any distinct April goals because everything is contributing to the whole. Three weeks before my workout schedule changes.

This week I have all free evenings and a social thing on Saturday. My aims are to:

–        Get 6-7 hours of music done before the weekend

–        At least 2 on Saturday

–        That leaves 6-7 to divide between Sunday and Monday

–        Saturday I want to try and see if I can wake up and go for a run first thing instead of my usual lie-in. If I can do it this once I’ll be set for the day and the week and I can come home and chill for a while afterwards before going out, have a nap or do some music.

–        Over the weekend I want to try and get up first and do my music time and then have time to relax later – or do other stuff, if that’s what I choose. Even if I’m tired, it’ll feel good to get the obligations done and I can decide what to do with my free time instead of having it sucked into an “I’m tired I must need to chill out and watch TV” drain before I’ve even realised what I’m doing!





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