Health: a tale of three jackets, and other stories

So it’s been a good couple of weeks for this area as well!

  • I’ve really managed to clean up my act at work! Out of the things I identified as being ripe for a gradual culling, I’ve already removed my after-lunch sweet-treat and substituted that with some sort of nice fruit (has to be something I really like!) and virtually all snacking between meals. I’ve been cutting my morning sweet-treat by 25% (splitting three days’ worth between four days) and will continue to do that until it feels totally comfortable, and then move down to half what I was originally having. My evening meals have been totally clean as well, especially during week 2 – no extra snacking. So at the moment the basic treat routine looks like: a small sweet thing with breakfast, and then other sweet treats twice a week (Friday lunchtime and once over the weekend or if I’m out with friends) – that’s already looking pretty optimal!
  • I’ve made quite a big switch to herbal tea. This happened all of a sudden, partly because of drinking it when I was sick and partly because of going out to afternoon tea and having some exquisite white tea with no milk, which reminded me of just how satisfying the delicate tea and infusion flavours can be on their own. I’ve been drinking a lot of camomile (which I used to hate!) as my staple with some other things thrown in. So now I’ll likely have just my cup in the morning at home and one or two at work of black tea and the rest will all be herbal. It’s really rather addictive! Suffice to say I’ve been sleeping much better and not been getting through as much milk!
  • I’ve felt much better thanks to a couple of things I’ve been adding back in. I started taking an iron supplement that has some B-vits and a load of other goodies in it, I’m not sure but I think I do feel less wiped out than before. Also adding in some lean protein in the middle of the afternoon has not only made it easier to go without snacks and cakes after lunch (because I have MEAT to look forward to!) but I think it’s helping with muscle maintenance, I feel less achy and exhausted and really rather good.
  • Exercise schedule continues to go smoothly and is proving very rewarding! I have a feeling this will be a great year and I can’t imagine why I would ever NOT want to be working out at this level. I just feel so much better! I’m looking forward to running more over the summer, getting faster at swimming, and hopefully adding in some fun activities like skating in the winter. All of those things now seem at least possible!
  • I’ve lost some more weight (I knew I only had to tip the balance in my favour a bit) and have now finally passed the sticky 10lb lost this year and 10% weight to lose milestones. I feel like I’ve shrunk more than my weight would suggest. When I needed a smart jacket to go to Afternoon Tea at the beginning of April, I was surprised to find that only one in my wardrobe fit – the smallest one! – and all the others were too baggy to look smart. I think I’m almost ready to go down to the next size in trousers as well – which means I’ve gone down at least one dress-size since Christmas. If I lose a size each quarter I could be a 14 on top/16 bottom by the end of the year which would be just lovely, regardless of my weight.
  • I have a big private company-sponsored health-check at the end of April which covers just about EVERYTHING. I hope I can have lost a bit more weight by then to show that I’m trying and making progress (would be great to get close to 20lb for the year) but at least I don’t have to lie on my lifestyle report! It’ll be my first time getting full bloodwork done for cholesterol etc. and other tests so it’ll be interesting to see what’s good and what they suggest needs further improvement.

2 thoughts on “Health: a tale of three jackets, and other stories

  1. Wow, this is so amazing!! Good for you!!

    Re subbing treats with fruit — yes, I agree, it should be a fruit you enjoy and look forward to. Splurging on your favourite fruits is worth it, and I have no qualms about spending extra to get blackberries, mango, lychee, or whatever: I want my new way of eating to be totally satisfying, and if I’m turning the money I once used to buy lattes and scones etc into money for exotic fruit, then it’s a pretty good trade, I think.

    So excited for you about going down a size! That’s so rewarding! Hugs!!!

    • Yeah exactly, even really nice fruit is not usually more expensive thank cake. Plus if it’s a bit pricier, I often find that it *feels* more like a treat. I’m not going to eat fruit I don’t really massively enjoy just because it’s “healthy” but there is a lot of fruit that I really look forward to eating!
      It was only when I wrote the post and counted down the dress sizes each quarter that I realised where I could be by the end of the year – THAT would be awesome!

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