Run Report – 13/4/14 and 15/4/13




This is for Saturday and today (Monday) – both days I woke up and threw myself out the door first thing before I could think about it or decide I was too tired! Both were similar neighbourhood routes – up road S or thereabouts, between 7 and 8am.

Saturday: just straight up S road, round the bend and to the edge of G road and then back again. There is a tiny park at the bottom of there, it’s not the most beautiful park ever but between that and the school field it’s not an unpleasant run. 2.42km in 22:04. (6.6kph pace) – I did feel tired though as it was my 6th day workout and the last before my day off.

Monday: went round and up G road – definitely not as nice as S road, lots of old derelict warehouses and a bit creepy! Or it would be at 5am anyway – but at least now I know where those things are you can see from the train! Up as far as the park then across to S road and loop back again. 2.3km in 21:15 that’s worse! – 6.5kph pace. Oh well! Still lapping everyone on the couch and good to get it done early for the day!



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