Week 15 Round-Up

Week 15! Who would’ve thunk it?! Finally we’re into what appears to be spring, the winter coat is on standby and the days are longer and sunnier. Could it be that the incredibly long winter is over?! I have been hanging out in two minds about whether I wanted it over or not –obviously I want the better weather and easier times, it’s easier to be in a good mood when the sun is out! But also I was a little behind on my goals so wanted to hide out in winter and work a bit more. I think over the past couple of weeks I’ve really crossed some kind of watershed though and I’ve definitely made significant progress towards my biggest goals. I’m starting to see results but also tentatively holding my breath until I start hitting some of the big milestones – I’m still scare of losing my momentum but hopefully that fear is what’s keeping me focused!

This week’s round-up looks like this:


  • Weight: I only lost an additional 0.8lb to add to my 2.8lb from last week, but it actually felt like much more of a victory than the week before! I had pretty terrible eating days on the Monday (when I was on my own and just ate a load of stuff for no reason) and then again on Saturday when we went out for lunch, so I feel like I’ve been losing the same 2lb twice over plus the 0.8. In between all that, my workdays were much better and the rest of my weekend too – I worked out that if I have a nap, I will always wake up with the munchies, so that’s the time to be careful!
  • Exercise: 6×5 baby! Saturday and Monday I got up early and went out for a run, Saturday was a big deal because the Monday ones I’ve been doing for a while but being able to drag myself out of bed and away from the hubster (he was all for it though) was an achievement!


  • Had A LOT of online attention this week. Mostly on RN which is more to do with the community aspect and everyone wanting votes, but WOW what a community?! I have had some really nice comments and my ranking has gone up by leaps and bounds and that feels good. The only thing I have to guard against is getting too drawn into it – the fact that most of it is real-time makes it SUPER distracting and there are people out there who are all about the social networking, “you’ve liked my account with the wrong sort of FB” rubbish and I think a lot of that time would be better spent making music! I have a lot of “real” work to do on my skills and writing after all. Plus I think when you make music just for yourself, often the results are better. Sing like nobody’s listening!
  • I got the second song from week 14 finished and edited, and finished writing, recording and editing a whole new song. So I have lots to publish this week which is good.
  • Putting up the album covers comp was fun and I want to work more on lyric/slogans – it’s good to have some imagery up and around the sites.
  • I bashed through a small handful of new covers.
  • I’ve been working on the next set of my own songs – a couple of new ones I’m hoping to get recorded and a few old ones I’m reworking.


  • I was pretty good with languages – didn’t slack on my train journeys and got caught up on the kanji I’d missed the week before.
  • F9 was better than previous weeks, I didn’t hit my target but I did get a lot more done than before and some of it was really hard!!


  • I had a day out with home friends on Saturday – that was a lot of fun actually (sometimes they aren’t but this one was!) Improved greatly by being told I’d lost weight and being able to enjoy trying things on when we went shopping. Now all I need is some actual money for clothes lol!
  • I spectacularly failed yet again to get the JP letters done – I am disgusted in myself! This absolutely must get done next week!
  • I had a really good clean of the flat and got through the whole week’s cleaning list plus a few extras – even temporarily got caught up on the laundry!
  • Not much else creative – bugger. My life is missing some serious balance here.


    • I want to try and book the practice room for this week as I should have some time on Monday.
    • I also want to meet my target to get back on track for weightloss and revive my hopes of being LWY by the midway point – that’s 3.8 to lose. Also got the chance to go into a new set of 10 and reward myself with new goggles & swimsuit and also go through my clothes to see what will now fit!
    • Need to work work work on those songs and hopefully get one old one and one new one recorded plus writing and learning some more stuff! Too much to do!
    • I have been thinking about finances and wanting to get this debt done and dusted. Friday is pay-day so pay off another chunk on the last card.
    • If I want to get back on track for LWY before the holiday then I either need to lose either 5lb or 3.1lb.
  • 8 WEEKS TO THE F9 EXAM – this is going to be my LAST week on the textbook, I’m determined! Which is somewhere between 25 and 30 pages a day. Once I’ve done that, I’ll have 7 weeks to get through as many of the exam questions as I can, which will be 3 each workday if I want to do them all. There are six major areas on the syllabus/types of question so I guess I’ll focus on one each week and try to do at least one question a day on that section (preferably two) plus a random question from another section. It’s going to be tough! But I will just have to do the best I can!
  • 6 WEEKS TO MY BIRTHDAY – I have a feeling this is going to get obliterated in a “get to the end of 2Q!” rush, I’m not going to have achieved any of my big goals by then but will be tantalisingly close to some! Maybe I should just chill out and celebrate it this year instead of using it as a time to reframe my goals as I pretty much know what I’m doing with those! Give myself the day off! That means getting ahead with music and stuff beforehand…
  • 2 WEEKS TO THE END OF APRIL – just two more weeks of this exercise schedule and I need to be ready to shift it up. I bought new joggers for running! Could do with a couple of new long t-shirts too then I could throw all my manky shirts away… will be a Wednesday or Thursday morning run so need to be mentally prepared for this.

This week is the opposite of last – I have two evening things but a completely free weekend. I will just have to plug away at what I can and then hopefully use the weekend fairly productively. Friday is a half-day so hopefully the prospect of a shorter week at work will make it easier to stay on track food-wise!



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