Run Report 22/4/13


Nothing special to report this morning! I didn’t have that “runner’-y feeling and went for a fairly sluggish 26min at 6kph pace overall (hills up, downhill back so the split was exactly halfway). It got done, and I enjoyed walking around afterwards, but that’s about it.

BUT the good news is that I just stepped on the scales and I’ve hit this week’s goal and broken into the 230s! Which means I’ve lost more than a stone this year and also that I’ve got less than 100lb to lose. I haven’t seen 230s since sometime in the autumn of 2011! This is up there with the happiest days I’ve had this year – I feel great and like I’m really getting somewhere now. Oh and I can finally get my engagement ring off (and on again, obviously!) it’s been stuck there since we got married I think. Progress!

I am rewarding myself with a new swimsuit and a pair of goggles šŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “Run Report 22/4/13

  1. Woo-HOO! Way to go! Congrats on breaking into the next decade!

    Re running — funny, isn’t it, how some days the run feels so easy, and another day it feels like work every step of the way. I was just reading a magazine article suggesting that runners concentrate on improving their breathing during running, because the more oxygen you draw in, the less tired your muscles will get. There’s a book, I think it’s called “Running on Air” or something like that — I’m going to look into it.

  2. Yeah I have heard that in other places too about breathing – that makes sense. I’m learning new breathing for singing too so hopefully that will help. I think the other factors for me are how recently I’ve done strength training, how much sleep I’ve had, and when I last ate – we basically skipped dinner on Sunday so that probably didn’t help.

    That said I know I can’t always arrange my life around having the best runs every single time, so I’m a big believer that 90% of the battle is just showing up, whether it’s in the gym or on the road, kitted out and ready to try. It’ll get easier in time I’m sure!

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