Week 16 Round-Up

Week 16 felt pretty fabulous! I had just about the right balance of time-doing-stuff and time-off and just had LOADS of energy – was really motivated and happy and productive.


  • Weight: I lost 3lb this week and that took me out of the 240s, which means I have lost more than a stone this year, more than 20lb overall and I’ve got less than 100lb to go! Finally the kind of weekly loss I felt I deserved and although my eating wasn’t perfect, I did feel like the loss was warranted. That’s 6.4 lost in April which is less than a pound off the target for being at LWY by the end of June.
  • Exercise: 6×4 – I just get out of the habit of doing strength more than every other day, or I’ll have two days in a row and then NEED a day off and then I fall out of the mindset a bit. No major cause for concern though. I’m happy with my cardio and it is feeling less and less of a chore – one of the least stressful parts of my routine to implement.


  • Things calmed down a bit on the sites which gave me more time to remove my head from the computer and just play. I’m still coming up with ways to keep things flowing to all the different outlets, hopefully there’s a happy medium to be found here.
  • I wrote one new song from scratch, and that was awesome. Got it roughly recorded and then ran out of time, mostly because it involved some tricky chords that I had to practice a lot – showed me that an hour or so of concerted practice (not in one go) will get a new chord pattern under my fingers.
  • I re-revived, re-recorded and edited a whole other song from a couple of years ago, and that felt really good because it was a song I really loved. It was a piano song with harmonies though and the editing on that was a pig – took me nearly two hours! But I think worthwhile given the final result.
  • I got to 17 hours overall, mostly on those two songs – there wasn’t much time for other practice although I did get in a bit.


  • Pretty-much on track with kanji and Russian.
  • Plugged away and finished the F9 textbook! So from next week it’s just a case of running through as many questions as I can and hoping I’ll eventually feel like I know what I’m doing.


  • Had coffee with friends on Tuesday – always a fun time!
  • Had Afternoon Tea at the Savoy on Friday, which was a joint-birthday present we’d been looking forward to for months! Such a lovely afternoon, with the added bonus of a sunny walk through the park afterwards and getting to see cherry blossom and ducks and squirrels!
  • I got BOTH the Japanese letters written, packaged and sent – it was SUCH a job! But felt great to do and obviously great to have it done.


    • This week I have almost a completely free week – I’m hoping this will be good for eating and money and also focusing on music time and general routines. On Monday I have a big healthcheck followed by lunch with an old colleague but I hope I’ll be past my music hours before that.
    • Seeing as this week ends just a day before the end of the month, I want to get as close as I can to a 10lb loss for the month overall, which would get me completely caught up. And obviously the lower the better for the healthcheck.
    • Target is still one new song and one old song recorded, edited and uploaded each week, but I definitely need to fit in more general song practice this week. And maybe write something new?
    • I’ve been doing more visualisation about where I want to find myself by the end of June and how much I’m going to enjoy that time off, being a better version of myself by virtue of these few short weeks.
  • 7 WEEKS TO THE F9 EXAM – got to hit the questions – anything is good but minimum one question a day and I guess up to three would be great. Things might be busy with the audit though so don’t sweat it too much.
  • 5 WEEKS TO MY BIRTHDAY – Have some nice plans lined up for May and some ideas for how to reward myself for reaching certain weightloss milestones along the way.
  • 1 WEEKS TO THE END OF APRIL – do or die time! It was almost light when we woke up this morning so hopefully next week it’ll be light enough to run.

I feel like I’m so much closer to the life I want and that this week really contributed. I just need to find ways to keep going, and I’ll be fine.



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