Week 17 Round-Up

Week 17 was mixed – I accomplished quite a bit but I felt a bit moody and although it was a mostly free week, I didn’t get nearly as much done as I was hoping, which was also slightly depressing!


  • Weight: It was a terrible week where nothing moved and I had some pretty bad eating days, especially over the weekend (my plan to do more relaxing things flopped a bit and I spent a lot of time just sleeping, I also stopped taking the Feroglobin because I didn’t want it to affect my blood tests on Monday, and between that and what I suspect is PMT I just felt completely wiped out!) I did however manage to eke out a 0.6lb loss to add to what I’d managed so far. It seems to be a pattern that I’ll have a really great week followed by a pretty lousy one and obviously I’m hoping to cut out the crap weeks from now on, but I was just happy that this brought me to a total of 7lbs lost for April, which is an improvement on the months before.
  • Exercise: 5×3 – I didn’t do ANYTHING over the weekend! It was quite like the Easter weekend in that it just felt like a week “off” and I think that’s OK maybe one week out of four. 5×3 is the lowest I can possibly hit because I’d never miss a work-day or a Monday cardio workout. So I was actually fine with it.
  • I had my big healthcheck on Monday and was declared “healthy” lol! Will post some more about this later.


  • It wasn’t a very productive week: I’d set myself the task to just practice and while I did that to some extent, I didn’t end up with any new recordings or write any new songs, which also meant not much to post on the blog ALTHOUGH I did make it up as far as 21 on the London pop chart on one day! Which was exciting. I think the lack of energy as above was a factor and I just lost a bit of confidence in myself and my songs and couldn’t really get it going.
  • That said, the one thing I DID achieve on this front was configuring all the recording gear so I can record guitar (electric guitar via USB) and vocals at the same time. This was way more complicated than I expected at first but I persevered and then tweaked it some more and now I feel pretty happy with the sound coming out. This sets me up for the next Phase in a major way because, not only is it much easier to record things straight off in one take, that set-up requires me to be capable of doing a perfect take of a song which is a much more advanced level of practice than doing all the bits separately and having several goes at it. So maybe I’ve set the stage for a load of new stuff happening soon.
  • I think I logged 11-12 hours, I haven’t even added it up yet!  Depressing but I was wiped out so yeah. Whatever.


  • Finished the kanji testing and did a little bit more Russian. I am slacking here and I don’t even really care, well I care about the kanji. I want to be finding MORE time, not less – time to drill Russian vocab and time to practice the difficult kanji that I keep getting wrong – but don’t have any idea where that time can come from really.
  • It was my first week of working through exam questions for F9, and although my target was 12 questions and I only managed 6, I was WELL IMPRESSED with how much I learned here. I really tackled some difficult calculations and mastered whole sections of the text and proved to myself what I could do – and of course that has made it more interesting. It’s funny how shifting from the textbook to the questions, you suddenly see how it all fits together and what the purpose of all those equations was! But this majorly put my stresses to rest and I was pleased.


  • Just a lunch with an old colleague on Monday, but that was cool.
  • Put a birthday card and a CD in the post – they’d both been on my list for a while and it felt good. I’m up to date again now!
  • Finished up two scrapbook pages that had been sitting around waiting for ages. That also felt pretty good. I had a go at clearing up in the studio and that kind of worked (although I still have more hobbies than space!)
  • I deliberately relaxed by devouring the latest copy of Living Etc. and had a long bath with it on Sunday.


    • So to get to LWY I need 2.7lb a week and I’m just gonna go ahead and call it 3 because then I can get there a week early! I have a lot of work to do but I am in the next decade and I have hope! Something over 3lb for this first week would be really great.
    • I have a load of songs queued to record on the new set-up so hopefully some of those will get done this week and I’ll have fresh songs to upload! Got to keep interest up and try to push for that top 20 place in the charts!
    • It would be good to write a new song and a happy one at that!
    • SO EXCITED!!
    • I’m seeing a split between the first and second week. Payday comes during the middle of the first week so with that and my weightloss schedule, I should hopefully be done with those two goals by the end of the first week. I also figure that week will be the less productive of the two as I rest out and catch up on sleep and slobbing! Week two will be my this is the new me in my new life! week.
  • 6 WEEKS TO THE F9 EXAM – still got to go hard on the questions. I am hoping to finish another topic this week and start on the big topic.
  • 4 WEEKS TO MY BIRTHDAY – I want to be in the next decade (220s) by then.
  • MAY: I have a few goals here, nothing too concrete.
  • I really need to see myself make some musical growth this week to encourage me to keep going!



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