The Health Check, and the current state of play.

So on Monday I underwent this big 2-hour long healthcheck which is sponsored by my work each year. It’s not something I’ve ever thought much about or really seen the point in but MAN it was so cool! They test everything! And I guess one thing that I hadn’t realised until I went was how health concerns play around at the back of your mind – even if you’re not conscious of it. I guess we all worry about our aches and pains and the invisible risks of major diseases and to come away with a clean bill of health was extremely reassuring.

The headlines were that I am normal and healthy except for my weight. I’m not going to go into all the gory details but there were a few elements of the tests that I found interesting/inspiring which I’d like to record here for reference – after all it’s not often you get offered such personalised statistics and I guess they will influence what my health goals are going forwards.

All the main tests were normal (I have spectacular vision and hearing but we knew that already ;)) none of the function tests showed any cause for concern and I was in the lowest-risk category for diabetes, because my only risk factor is my weight. I discussed the weight I’d lost this year and they were very positive about that and told me to keep going, and that things would continue to improve.

For blood pressure (which was an issue for me about 10 years ago) they said anything under 140/90 was good and their target was 120/80; mine was 119/83 so pretty much spot on! I was chuffed with that. My resting heart rate was 69 which doesn’t seem that low but the doctor made a point to say it was nice and low with lots of room to increase during cardio!

Then there was the body composition test. The 50% body fat ratio was not pretty but I guess to be expected! And I suppose in the past it must have been much much more than that. The interesting thing here was that the nurse said my lean weight would be around 55kg (121lb) and that with a recommended body-fat percentage of between 21-27% I’m looking at a final goal weight of anything under 75kg (165lb). This is quite useful for me because besides the goal of getting under 180lb (that’s the point at which I become “overweight” rather than “obese”) I didn’t have much between that and my ultimate goal of 140. 165 could totally be doable this year. It does also suggest that 140 is going to be tough to get to unless I end up losing some muscle (maybe that happens as you lose weight too because you don’t need so much muscle mass to hold you up and carry you around?) as 21% body fat will put me at 152lb and 140 would need me to be under 14% which seems pretty unlikely. But I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it! The main thing is I have some targets to work with. Funnily enough 75kg is the weight my husband plucked out of thin air as my target for the year from November! So if that all came together nicely then everyone would be happy!

I’m still waiting for blood test results for my cholesterol (hopefully they’ll come with some guidelines too) which is obviously important, and also results as to whether I’m slightly anaemic or not – I have a couple of symptoms which suggest I might be and that would explain why I’ve felt so much better since taking the Feroglobin I guess (I stopped taking it a few days before the test and felt totally wiped out!) The only other issue was that my lung test was weak, which they said might indicate asthma but I don’t have any symptoms for that so who knows? The doctor said to keep pushing on the cardio and that hopefully all the results will improve further.  She also said I needed to hydrate and moisturise better, and find better ways to relax and attack my stresses from a problem-solving perspective.

So plenty to work on but nothing life-threatening, and no spectre of illness hanging over me for now!


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