The Next Four Months (somewhat optimistically) AKA “Summer!”

I’ve been trying to find an appropriate word for “four-month period” and didn’t find much in English but in Portuguese there is the wonderful word “quadrimestre” which will do nicely! As we entered May I found myself in a state of great excitement because – hey, it’s MAY! Lots of good things happen in May! – and also we’ve finished the first four months of the year and said goodbye definitively to winter. The four months of May, June, July and August seem to me to form a neat period, not just because it’s “summer” (not that I’d quite call this “summer” weather yet but we’re getting there!) but because with the lengthening days, it’s just about always light when we wake up at 5 and is therefore “running season” as in reasonably safe to run outside after waking up! It’s a good time to be outside and lots of things are always going on.

This year it feels especially good because the winter felt so long and harsh! I want to embrace every moment of this summer quadrimestre (see how gorgeous that word is?!) to make up for all that we endured over the winter. I’ve been making preparations and now that May is here, I’m glad I’ve spent the winter saving money, losing weight, getting back in to running and into a comfortable place in general with my workouts, because now that it’s light I can run several times a week and enjoy it. Over the next four months, if I keep working out 6 times a week, that’s 105 workouts over 17½ weeks but I’ll settle for 100! I think about the runs and the swims and the strength training I’ll do during that time and how damn fit I will be by the end of it! Way beyond any point of fitness I’ve been at before.

That’s the other thing I like about viewing the next four months as a unit: it takes me past where I’d got to with my planning up to the half-way point of the year. There’s a bit of overlap and continuity between what I’ve been doing so far and the rewards of that, in the form of what I will be doing in the second half of the year. It gives me a way to link everything up.  It gives me new goals to strive for so I don’t lose motivation upon completion of the tasks I’ve set myself so far.

  • Over the next two months I have a plan (albeit an ambitious one) to get me to LWY and beyond. It seems like I have a long way to go but I can feel the momentum now that I’ve broken into this new decade and each week makes such a difference to how much closer I get. I’m breaking it down into manageable chunks and I know once I get to within 10lb of it I’ll have all the motivation I need to push through those last few weeks.
  • If that goes to plan then in July and August I’ll be moving on to weights I’ve never been in my adult life! And if I can maintain the same kind of rate then getting under the 200lb mark would be easily possibly by the end of the summer and maybe even close to 190 – either of which would set me up nicely for the major goals of 180 and 165.
  • Over the next two months I will be paying off my debt completely (only 3 weeks until I can pay it down to around the £500 mark!) which means I will be able to move on to saving and can ease up on the cash rationing that’s been going on all winter. I will be able to reinstate most of my original optimum weekly budget and buy clothes (necessities, undies, workout clothes and maybe a few new items for work although I have a whole box of “small clothes” I’ll be able to wear if my weight-loss goes to plan) and replace worn out trainers, buy small things for the house, some bits of craft stuff, and start getting presents lined up. This will coincide with the start of summer.
  • My finance exam is at the beginning of June so once that’s over I will be free from studying in general for a while and free from those kind of finance calculations for good. That and the debt have really been the two big negatives of my life this year, goals that I regretted having had to tackle and which have required incredible discipline (from my point of view) to achieve. Once we get into July and onwards, removing those necessary evils will mean my life and mind can be much more focused on music and fitness, which will hopefully bring more progress on both those fronts as well as being a much more pleasant life in general!

I’m still targeting my end of June holiday as the point at which I stand on top of the “mountain” I’ve climbed and look around at the new landscape of who I will have become. But looking at the next four months as a set, I’m also starting to think about what the landscape will look like when I get there, and what else I can strive for. I will be free from several things that have tied me down and held me back not just this year but for large periods of my life. The next four months will be full of energy, sunshine, daylight, optimism, and progress. And hopefully by the time we get to autumn I will have changed my life so significantly that I’ll be better prepared to find healthy and optimistic ways to survive through next winter!

I know every couple of weeks or so I write a post like this where it seems like everything is going to plan and life is going to be FANTASTIC! I don’t actually feel like that most of the time but I do believe this post heart and soul, and the more days I can wake up believing this the more likely it is to come true…


2 thoughts on “The Next Four Months (somewhat optimistically) AKA “Summer!”

  1. I know what you mean — lots of days, it feels like a struggle to keep going, lining up and hitting my goals, and there are days that I stumble and don’t make the progress I could wish for… yet, when I look back at my progress, I realize that there is lots of progress to celebrate, that I am moving ahead, and that I do have loads to look forward to.

    I guess the reality is, forging a new path for yourself is indeed hard work! Creating new habits, new routines, teaching oneself a new way of living… it’s a major learning curve. But as we continue along our respective paths, the routines we’re now establishing will feel more and more like normal life. And that’s the true goal, isn’t it? To create a new “normal”. I think it’s totally possible, if we just keep ourselves moving in the right direction!

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