Run Report 4/5/13




Saturday morning just after 7am. Went round the larger block (round to our old flat and back) and then once round the smaller immediate block. 2.36km, 21:22 which is about 6.6kph, but there are no hills at all on this route! It felt far worse and much slower than that – my legs were just so stiff and painful! Not enough stretching I guess, and 3 strength sessions in a row plus I guess this is the 5th consecutive cardio workout this week so it’s going to be difficult to get good runs after that lot. Hopefully next time will be better! And hopefully there’s strength to be gained from jogging when your muscles are already pretty spent!

Anyway, I was at the pool yesterday and there were these two wicked triathlete girls who were discussing times and paces and technique and stuff and a refreshing thought came over me – I don’t really have to care about any of that stuff, about whether I’m faster than last time, about hitting a target pace. I’m working out for the health and emotional benefits and I never have to go through a workout and come out thinking it was wasted because it wasn’t quite fast enough! I’m hoping my speeds and strength will improve over time but for now, just getting out there is all the achievement I need!


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