Week 18 Round-Up

Not sure how to round-up week 18! It feels like I didn’t get much done on paper but it felt pretty good!


  • Weight: Well the bottom line is on target and I lost 2.6lb. The top-line is UGLY. We’ll leave it at that!
  • Exercise: 6 (5½!) x4. The half is due to the bank holiday Monday – normally this would be a running day but because HH was home I didn’t quite make it out in the morning like I would normally, but we did walk to the park for a picnic which was almost two hours altogether, I’m not sure I would call that a “long” walk but I’ll count it for morale. It’s tempting to feel bad if I don’t get 6 cardio sessions in a week and that’s crazy! I *did* get up and out on Saturday morning though so extra points for me there! I’m finding the strength so exhausting at the moment and am not sure it works the day before running, but will keep going as much as I can.


  • I only logged about 7 hours, not even sure how that happened. Just wasn’t feeling it I guess.
  • I’ve been really stuck with songs lately – I have a handful I think should be up next to record but can’t get anything to sound good enough, yet. It’s frustrating beyond belief as I had a really good rhythm going but all I can really do is practice more and wait for it to get better.
  • As a result of not having any new music to put up, I’ve been really stuck with how to keep to sites going and have just watched myself tumble back down the ratings… very depressing! The only minor plus side to that is that I’ve stopped checking every site all the time so have had less computer time and a great percentage of my music time has just been spent on music.
  • This is what happens when I don’t put in my 15 hours consistently! This is the second week in a row and I am not feeling like the super-musician I was in April. Time to get down to it and focus on just playing for fun, for as long as possible.


  • Not sure that I got masses done – I kept forgetting to print off new stuff for Russian and kanji but I did do some practice.
  • I didn’t make masses of progress on F9 but I did do some, and shortlisted a load of topics to learn starting next week.


  • Tuesday night the gang was out with a couple of new visiting members, that was a great night out and a lot of fun. My third evening meal out for the year! Saturday I was out for the day with a different bunch of friends which was the first time we’d all been together since last August. We had a great girly shopping trip, an awesome lunch a bottle of wine (my second alcoholic drink of the year!) Then on Monday HH and I had a little picnic so that was like an event too. A good week!
  • No post to post this week!
  • Did one more scrapbook page that had been outstanding since February! Also did some good thinking and updated the vision boards.


    • I’ve GOT to knock something serious off my top-line this week. It’s looking like I can make LWY on the bottom line by the halfway point but I will seriously miss it on the top-line if I don’t get my act together.
    • I want to just focus on singing this week and enjoy it as much as possible. I have a new warm-up song list that’s designed to give me some vocal skills I really want, and a focus list of songs that I’m going to try and play 20 times each for starters, before trying to record anything again. I have an extra day off so should be able to get close to 20 hours.  At some point I need to start pulling together gig-sets of songs I can actually play properly…
    • Some new songs would be good. I’ve been having a long hard think about the direction of the third album and I could definitely use some
    • Need to start preparing for this! Will do this in another post.
  • 5 WEEKS TO THE F9 EXAM – I have my list of outstanding topics to work through. I only have three days at work this week but two of them are a bit longer than usual. Making a start earlier in the day usually helps matters. I have four topics left to cover, some bits leftover from last week’s topic, and review to do from the two covered so far. It would be great to get the bulk of one new topic done, finish last week’s and start yet another plus the revision, but that might be a little ambitious for three days!
  • 3 WEEKS TO MY BIRTHDAY – Bottom-line is on track for 220s but the top-line? It’s a mess! Have sorted birthday celebrations with family and two lots of friends so that’s good.
  • MAY: I have two reasonably significant things coming up this week – a hair cut (at long last!) which no doubt will make me feel fresh and new, and a meeting with an ex-colleague that I’m wondering/hoping might lead to a job opportunity at some point down the line.



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