Week 19 Round-Up

Week 19… ahhh. Moody but not a complete write-off! Going to sum-up quickly as I want to get to the looking-ahead portion! If I don’t get that done my whole next week seems to get off on the wrong foot.


  • Weight: I lost 2lb off both the top and bottom lines. I wanted 4 and 3 respectively but if I can keep those two and lose some more this week I will not be unhappy!
  • Exercise: 5×4. Our planned long walk on Sunday never happened and I was bummed about it so I never got it together enough to do a workout on my own in the evening. Also I completely skipped Friday (my extra day off) and stayed in bed all day! Either of those could have been avoided but again, I’m not going to beat myself up if I’m getting at least 5 cardio sessions in. I had one decent run time and did one quick additional heart-rate challenge (I use the step or jumping jacks to get my heart rate up to 160BPM as quickly as I can – this is something I’m hoping to fit in more as an evening top-up in addition to regular cardio).


  • I logged 11 hours, we’re back into double figures at least! This is pretty pathetic though considering I had a four-day weekend but it is what it is.
  • I *think* I have unstuck myself. I have made list of practice songs and literally stuck them to my desk as a permanent feature (it’s quite pretty) so I always know what my go-to songs are. Along with the various lists of current practice songs for guitar and piano I have a list of warm-up songs that I just SING – these are songs that have techniques in them that I really want to master and I figure the only way to do that is to learn them in detail. That one element finally makes sense to me and I feel more positive that I will have something to show over time for my hours of practice!
  • Now that I have short-lists under various headings it’s clear to me what I’m trying to achieve and I will hopefully master as many songs as possible before the mid-way point.
  • I had one wicked new song idea and revived another one – just need more time to sit and write.
  • Actually something else happened that I completely forgot! One of my best friends had requested a copy of album No.2 as she seemed to have been missed out the first time, and she listened to it through and sent me some really useful, detailed critique. That made me listen to it again and I spent one evening doing that and reviving a couple of songs which I’d thought had no more mileage in them.
  • Overall I am feeling more positive and ready to WORK at this!


  • Kanji got done, more or less!
  • F9 is getting there – I covered all the major topics under one heading. I think I have passed the point now where I feel like I can pass the exam even if I don’t feel great about it.
  • I had some major Japanese practice, watched a load of Japanese office dramas and then had my night out which didn’t result in a huge amount of professional level Japanese being spoken but it was fun!


  • Lots of socialising with loosely work-based people! Thursday Japanese night with guy from my old company, Saturday with R who is probably my best work-friend – we had a blast, got our hair cut, ate cake, and nattered away for hours! And then Monday lunch with old colleague from current company.
  • Nothing to post… this week I received two letters from Japan on two consecutive days so those will be my next ones to work on!
  • No scrapbooking but I did make a card.


    • Still really want to make some serious progress on my weightloss. I know LWY is now a long-shot (except on the bottom-line) but although I’ve been losing a bit, I feel like I’ve totally stalled for some reason. I NEED to get through the next couple of phases of this and start feeling better about my progress.
    • I have almost a totally free week and weekend as it stands at the moment – so a good chance to get back on it with music and make sure to get in my 15 hours, working on the current plan. There is plenty to work on and not enough time! So hopefully I can make the most of whatever time there is.
    • I’ve started thinking about what it’ll be like to have a whole two weeks of unstructured time and the potential benefits and pitfalls of that. I have come up with an ideal morning routine from whenever I wake up: up, stretch, exercise, shower, change, breakfast, and one hour of writing. If I do all those things first then I don’t think I can have a bad day. Something to practice this weekend!
  • 4 WEEKS TO THE F9 EXAM – I feel like I’ve covered the bulk of this now and am moving through the questions more quickly. Even on the questions where I don’t know the exact techniques by heart, my instincts are guiding me in the right direction so now I just have to try and push on through as many practice questions as possible. Feeling pretty comfortable and positive about this though.
  • 2 WEEKS TO MY BIRTHDAY – I really want to have two great weeks of weightloss and get my top-line somewhere respectable and my bottom-line into the next decade. I know I can do this if I focus and have two good weeks in a row – I just need to FEEL like I am over that next hurdle.  The next 5-10lb are going to put me in a much better place, I’ll have more clothes available to wear and as the next couple of weeks are quiet (before two days of celebrations!) this is a good chance.

Let’s make Week 20 a great one!!


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