Run Report 16/5/13



Pre-work run at about 5:20am, up the main road and back. I found that point of resistance, the barrier of pain and resistance that I want to bust through if I want to get faster. Usually I run within that comfort zone and I enjoy it and that’s why I am slow! But on the way out this morning I smashed it! Sub-10 minutes to road C and 7.6kph pace including the bridge!! Was well chuffed with that. As I was under 10 minutes for the out-leg I went to the next road, Cl, and then turned round. Was completely exhausted on the way back and it was all I could do to keep putting one foot in front of the other, especially at the bridge. Total 22:27 over 2.66k – still that’s 7.1k pace and faster than last week! Woohoo!

If I get two roads further I’ll be at 3km and if I can do THAT out and back in 20min I’ll be at 9kpm pace. I don’t know if I’ll get that far this year but it’s something to aim for. If I can add 0.1kph a week then I can get to about 8.5. This was run 5 in May which is every 3 days on average, so I guess there might be 40 runs altogether over the season. I am not always going to be pushing that barrier because I want to have some runs where I just chill out and let my mind enjoy it – but at least I know now what to do and how it should feel.


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