Run Report 25/5/13



Run 9 for May. Was feeling tired and a little worse for wear 😉 but after a bit of a lie-in was able to talk myself into going out, and just decided to pootle along however felt most comfortable. I went up to the end of S road and back and then round to the supermarket for breakfast supplies! 2.56k 23:32 6.5kph – not surprising really. But I felt really good! It’s lovely to be out in the cool breeze and the sunshine with your feet beating out a pulse on the tarmac. I’m getting really used to it and it might be turning into something I’m starting to need, the way I need swimming to put me in the right frame of mind for work. So all the more reason to get better at it!

I’ve noticed that there are days I feel like pushing harder (Wednesday’s run, Friday’s swim where I got the 1K done in under 30min) and then there are other days when you’re just chugging along for maintenance purposes. I think it’s absolutely fine to have a mixture. So today was more of a “fun run” and to say that I would exercise at least partly for the fun of it is quite a development in itself!


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