Run Report! 28/5/13



Thought I’d beaten the rain up this morning but no! It was drizzling a bit, not pouring at least – just as well I quite like running in the rain! It’s very refreshing! Because of that I wasn’t bothered about speed and didn’t have my phone out to time the splits and what have you, just went up to C road and straight back. 2.42k in 22min which is only 6.6kph. Hopefully I will get back on the speed stuff next week!

That’s run 11 and probably my last for May – not bad! Every third day on average. A quarter of the way through running season although as I was discussing yesterday I could probably extend it a bit by tweaking my working hours – and I’ll still be able to run Saturdays/Mondays whatever time of year it is. But I like the idea of “running season” as a limited-time-only thing that you have to make the most of!


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