Plans for June

I realise I haven’t written much here lately… this may be an incomplete list but it’s good to get something down. June is going to be an interesting month as I have a lot of things coming to completion and am actually only working 7 days the entire month! Have 14 days and then am off for 17 days straight. This will help with my biggest goal of redressing the balance in my mind and identity between work-work and music, I have been putting way too much focus on work and this month I am going to be a musician FIRST and office drone second!

I am foregrounding the green goals to DAILY level.


  • Daily songwriting – at least a few minutes. I have about 5 half-finished songs and also said I would have enough decent material for the album by the end of June so I need to put time in on this, line by line and chord by chord.
  • Finish rehearsal phase I – this is the first group of songs that need to be gig-ready.
  • Record and post 15 song versions – new songs, old re-works: June is the month I can really put time in on this and drum up interest on the website
  • Visit the practice studios at least once
  • Rehearsal phase II – this involves reworking/rehearsal of ALL useable material
  • Have finally sorted out Spotify so listen to as much music as possible


  • 20 pushups a day
  • Continue 6 cardio sessions/week
  • Get eating under control & experiment with cutting back while on holiday
  • Get to next weight milestone

FINANCIAL: do something daily towards these goals

  • Pay off last of the remaining debt!
  • Pay in cheques
  • File tax return
  • Sort out cards etc.
  • Rebudget
  • Promised purchases: new trainers, clothes, ipad?


  • Complete F9
  • Get back on track with weekly cards, post, reading etc.
  • Have an awesome break!
  • Plan for the second half of the year – things will be very different going back to work in July!

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