Run Report 3/6/13



1st for June, 12th for the season. Missed two potential days’ running on the 1st and 2nd, and spent the night fretting about whether I’d get out this morning or not, but I knew I HAD to and also that I would enjoy it once I was out there. 6.30 on a Monday morning, I did a few loops around the neighbourhood roads, which are lovely and leafy this time of year! It was a lot busier than it is at 5.15 or on weekends, but I didn’t really mind that so much. A bit further than usual, those loops are awkward in that there are 3 parallel roads so you can run round in various circles or do figures of 8 but you always have to do an extra loop at the end – anyway it’s good to get used to it. 24:55 over 2.88km which is over 6.9kph – not bad given that I haven’t been for almost a week, but not surprising in that there are no hills and I was coming off two rest days!

Two more weeks and I’ll be off for a fortnight, so I will really have to get used to getting up and out and make the most of all my different routes, get out to the park etc. – as I will need to run most days if I’m not going to the pool. I will at least have more time though. That’ll coincide with the longest days, earliest (and hopefully sunniest!) mornings and the peak of running season.


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