VERY very quick update…

…while I’m waiting for the washing machine to finish its final spin!

F9 exam is the day after tomorrow! I am not feeling perfectly prepared but I know more than I care to know, really. I am dreading going to the place and being stuck there for 4 hours and the mental exhaustion that I know will follow, I have been eating my way through my revision, and the more I have to focus on the exam the bigger reminder it is of how I am not yet succeeding as a musician! But other than that I am just glad that it’ll be over soon and I know I will be grateful once its done. Hoping to have a quiet day at work tomorrow to bust through as many questions as possible.

We are 5 days in and so far I am on track with all my daily things:

  • songwriting – had a wicked new idea today and have pushed two half-finished ones further along the path to completion
  • 20 pushups
  • 1 financial thing – I’ve done some card stuff and my taxes.

Today I’ve added in cleaning (that should really be there anyway).

Having this little list of things to do on getting home is really helping me to stay focused on REAL (non-exam) life and also making me feel like I am making tiny bits of incremental progress on a daily basis, which is incredibly satisfying.

Ack the washing up is done! More to come in a day or two!


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