Run Report plus a little bitty update

Run report was for yesterday (Monday 10th June) – I went up to the park and ran two laps at sometime after 11am and then having finished just on 20min went for another half-lap, 24:45 altogether. It was lovely, not sunny, but brilliant to be out on the path among the trees. I fear this is only the 2nd run for June but I have been keeping up 5 sessions a week, making the most of the easy swims while I’m still at work and adding in a long walk here and there. I plan on hitting up the park as many days as possible while I’m off work; rain, cloud or shine, it’s always good there and well worth the extra walk to and fro – the walk itself makes me feel like I have time on my hands anyway, which is as it should be.

I am 3 days from my holiday! Today I spent mapping out all different types of daily routines. My idea for the first week is that I will get out and exercise every morning, and try to spend as much of the rest of the time doing music as possible. I feel like I am SO CLOSE to getting somewhere with music, a sound that is truly my own and a confidence and passion that makes me believe that me singing will suddenly make sense of everything to everyone around me! At any rate I could use the chance to engage my singer persona after so long being mostly centered around work, so that will be welcome. Then the second week I may do something completely different! But for the first week I’m hoping to get exercise and at least 4 hours of music (daily recordings too) done each day, and having some relaxing evenings reading, writing and crafting. We have friends staying the middle weekend so that’ll provide a nice watershed between weeks one and two.

I am still sticking to my daily commitments! I’ve done my 20 push-ups every day so far this month and also songwriting (idea number 4 appeared today!) and financial stuff – tricky things like getting my phone switched to a new network and summing up exactly how much interest we were charged on our debt overall, which I’d forgotten needed to be done. I’ve cancelled all unnecessary cards and just sorted a LOT of things out. I’m making the last payment a week on Thursday and then it’ll all be forgotten! Well not forgotten, but, you know. DONE.

I’ve also done language work every day since my exam and a little bit of crafting each day too. Just made a really pretty card simply from offcuts from a free magazine! So that’s been good.

The debt thing, the exam thing, these are good steps forward. I need to solidify the music thing, start to feel like a viable musician, and come up with a plan to lose weight (more) consistently over the next six months. If I can do those over the holiday then I will be on the verge of being very very excited about life again!


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