Run Report 19/6/13



Picture of the park this morning! Run 5 for June, 16 for the season. I was TIRED this morning! I think it’ll be a swim tomorrow as I was just too stiff and tired on the third day in a row. I did the hill three times, but didn’t go round the rest of the park twice as there was a dog I was trying to avoid (what is it with people and their yapping dogs spoiling the peace?!) but I still made it to 30minutes overall.

At the end I found a bench to sweat on (it was incredibly muggy this morning) and just sat and enjoyed the peace – I didn’t realise how quiet it was in the park when I’m not huffing and puffing! It was a delicious few moments; we’d had rain earlier in the morning and that post-rain calm was lovely. I had a really good sleep last night and this is the first day of the holiday I’ve felt really relaxed. It was harder to get up this morning but I remembered how much I loved the park and suddenly it didn’t feel so hard to get out the door.


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