Swim Report 20/6/13

And then another smaller achievement happened today… I went swimming (that’s not it!) which was great, as it was the most humid day of the year so far and the pool was definitely the best place to be! I went to the massive pool and it was lovely and cold, nice to swim 50m laps after a couple of months off. I can’t find the post, but I think when I was last there I posted a 29:something 1K so I was hoping to get 29 or something today, but as I swam… I saw the times coming down… and suddenly I was hitting all my targets and then some! Finished up with a 27:40! I have NEVER clocked 27:anything over 1K before – I think I might have just about squeezed a sub-29 several years back but definitely never a 27 anything, so it’s at least a minute better than my lifetime best! I was really going for it and completely puffed myself out at the end but I was SO chuffed when I looked up and saw that time.

It’s not something I’ve been training for particularly but it’s good to see that swimming 3-4 times a week (plus everything else I’ve been doing) is really starting to pay off. I am (apparently) in the shape of my life!


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