New Rules









Think these are pretty self-explanatory! Got a bit waffly at the end but the top few I’ve already been using to good effect.

  • DON’T DWELL – especially on small negative things. I’ve noticed there are certain recurring insignificant worries that surface when I’m stressed. Focusing on moving on to other thoughts has proved effective.
  • THAT’S BEAUTIFUL – I get easily distracted by pretty things.

Those two work well together for snapping me out of my mood.

Usually my frustration comes out of either tiredness or boredom. If I’m bored, I need to start doing something, and if I’m tired, I need to stop. I need to be doing as much music as I can but I want to shift how I’m booking in this time as it’s a bit formulaic at the moment and doesn’t always sit as well with the tiredness/boredom cycle as it could.

A few things I can do to harness my energy more effectively – most of these take discipline but noticing how much better they make me feel makes me more motivated to adapt my lifestyle:

  • Workout in the morning
  • Avoid starchy carbs, they make me sleepy. I don’t have to fight the sleepiness if there’s something I can do to avoid getting there in the first place
  • Coffee is OK first thing. I made a big deal about giving it up, and I think I have done all I can to improve the quality of my sleep. For the days when getting up early wins out, coffee is OK if the payoff is productivity.
  • Happy List. 10 things every day. Doing this will mostly stop me falling into negativity.
  • Feel Pretty. Give myself a break. Dress properly. Prepare to face the outside world.

The rest of it is mostly about recognising and then prioritising the priorities. One thing I’ve learned this year is that you can’t do everything, you only have so much time and if you want to succeed in one area it means sacrifices in others.


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