I’ve had a lot of time to think over the past two weeks and I’ve been preparing myself for the kind of lifestyle that’s going to allow me to face the challenges of the coming six months. The deeper thoughts behind this will follow, but for now here’s a list of the material changes I’ve made in support of my proposed new lifestyle! It’s been my first change for a year (or two?) to really stock up and make some crucial purchases so I haven’t held back!

1) New trainers (for running, walking, commuting)


I actually bought two pairs – an instability pair and these pretty purple runners. My old trainers actually had complete holes in the toes so this was the first thing on my list. Crucial for morning runs and all the walking I do to work and back and around and about. I also got a bright pink sports bra (TMI?! maybe but it certainly has the Princess of Power effect and is very motivating!)

2) A new washing machine (well it was bought for us but still!) – I am amazed how much of a difference this has made. Our old machine would only run one cycle that took 2 1/2 hours and shook half the building! So now we have the convenience of running a 30- or 45-minute cycle that we can barely hear, it seems so easy to throw gym kit or swim towels in the wash. A little thing that supports my lifestyle in a massive way.

3) A new swim bag – I was going to make one but then they had drawstring bags for £1 in the sports shop so I picked one up – it’s just a bit bigger and with longer strings than my old one which was just what I wanted, so swimming will be that little bit easier.

4) A bunch of new clothes! I am determined to not spend a single day (either at work or at home) wearing clothes that are ill-fitting, unflattering, or otherwise make me feel less than gorgeous! So I got an extra pair of trousers for work, about 6 or 7 new tops, a jumper I saw a month ago, a blue cardi thing to go with some of the new tops, and a few bits of underwear. The first stage of this is in the picture below:


Some of these things are so pretty and distinctive and great for both work and home – I can’t wait to start wearing them! Plus all but a couple were on sale so I definitely got more than money’s worth. I am lucky to have fairly low-maintenance hair and skin, so I’m going to put a little bit of extra effort in with clothes, do some ironing occasionally, and see if I can’t feel a bit better about myself on a daily basis.

5) A new journal (of course!) to track my new endeavours:




6) Not  a purchase (well we bought a battery!) but HH has given me his old smartphone to use for a while, which means I’ll be back online on the move and can do much more stuff (especially post blogs and photos :D) on the move – as well as keep track of everything properly. I was surprised having one again how much I’d missed it! So that’ll help.


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