Run report 1/7/13


Run 1 for July, 21 for the season. I woke at 5 and just had a cup of tea, then after HH left did stretches and walked to the park for a 6.30 start. Yesterday I had the day off and just did stretches and some yoga, so I was nicely rested for today’s run. The park was almost empty but there was always at least one other person walking as well and by ten to the tail chi crew started appearing along with the guy with the constituted greyhound, so I guess it’s ok at that time but I’m not sure how comfortable I’d feel much earlier than that. I could still do a run at that time and make it to work for a later start.

Anyway, the exciting thing is that as I was coming to the second circuit I was on the cusp of 20 minutes so I decided to give the final lap my best go and my final time was 30:08!!!! That’s close enough to 30 for me! Great way to kick off the new month!

The other runs I didn’t log were:

Thursday 27/6 8 for June, 31:23

Saturday 29/6 9 for June, 33:33 (lousy time, was tired, it was windy, oh and I got asked for my number randomly! I wish I could say it was by someone reasonably sane and dashingly handsome but that might be a bit of an exaggeration!)


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