First day back at work… sigh. It all seems very pointless and mundane in comparison to yesterday’s excitement about the studios and the music yesterday. It just seems like such a lot of TIME to spend at work and to get there and back! And what can I really do in the couple of hours I have at home in the evening when I’m already pretty worn out? I can at least stick to the plan and chip away at the little incremental tasks I’ve set myself. But I have no enthusiasm for the work or study I’m doing during the day, and that’s frustrating.

On the other hand, today did feel like a fresh start, and it’s a new opportunity to learn to manage things better, not letting my whole life fall apart because I feel like I’m in the wrong job. The big changes will come in time. For now I have to see if I can get my goals to work around the time I spend out at work. I have the exercise thing down, and I know all the little things I have to do (prep swim kit, prep food, prep stuff to listen to and read on the journey, clean up at home) will get done.

Today was my first day of avoiding starches at work – this is a big shake up for me as I was taking a bagel for after-swim breakfast, which are nice and easy to make and very portable, and also a lot of the lunch options on offer involve rice or pasta or bread or some sort of starchy carb. BUT I have been doing this at home most of the time I was on holiday and noticed I felt much less sleepy during the day (as well as losing a load of weight) so thought I’d give it my best shot this week to see if it works out – I can always go back to the bagels if not, but I know I will fall into a habit one way or the other so better to set my mind on a healthy habit if I can, even if it means an adjustment now. So I made these eggy muffins (eggs, milk, ham and peas) and bought some kind of pork patty things and had those after swimming with cherries, and before I went I had yoghurt and fruit. And I didn’t feel hungry THE WHOLE MORNING. I don’t think that’s EVER happened before. I think I felt a bit less sleepy too. So the first day was a success – I had a very over-priced, very lush salad at lunchtime with some more fruit and yoghurt and a load of chicken, and a couple of small bits of cake my boss gave us. So it IS possible, if I’m organised and determined. I will be interested to see what comes of this little experiment.


One thought on “Unenthused?!

  1. I totally agree about the starches. I think I feel more full at the moment of eating them, but in fact I get hungrier again sooner, which is pretty much what that guy says in the Wheat Belly book. And when I eat starches, I crave them; but when I don’t eat any, I’m happy to eat meat, fruits, veg and nuts. I also found it much easier to shed the weight when not eating starches… and that it clumps right back on again whenever I’ve gone back to them. So best of luck to you in your experimenting!!

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