Health update Q3 week 1

I’m sitting on the train home on Friday reflecting on my first week of thwarting starch-free-at-work experiment. Around my feet are four very heavy bags of exactly the right types of food – I feel like it’s been a bit hit-and-miss with constant shopping and this is the first time I’ve had my act together and been organised!

It’s been a bit of a chaotic rush of tupperware and chopping but actually this starchlessness is more straightforward because everything is either a fruit, a vegetable, or a protein. Breakfasts are made in advance and grabbed to go. I’m getting more into the groove of which snacks go where, and the rest of the meals have just kind of happened.

First observations:

* I’ve settled on Greek yoghurt with a little honey for pre-swim.breakfast, with some banana if necessary. The first couple lf days I was mucking about with other fruit which was expensive and timw-consuming!

* after swimming I have my egg muffins with a some kind of cold cooked meat followed by a little pot of fruit and sometimes a latte. This generally keeps me hunger-free until lunch and if I do get hungry it’s nothing major that a cup of tea can’t solve! I nibbled a bit of chocolate around the office once or twice but nothing as bad as I used to be. One day I had a spare pot of broccoli as an extra snack.

* lunches have been a bit hit and miss as I’m not yet organised enough to bring both breakfast and lunch from home. I had a really nice salad the first day, a yummy burrito salad thing the second. Thursday I had sushi which meant Rice and I had the sleepies  and the lunches all afternoon! And today I had chicken curry, no rice. It wasn’t cheap but there was plenty of choice and I still have more things on my list to try.

* I’ve been trying not to eat at my desk so eating breakfast on the walk in and lunch in the canteeny room. I think that has helped and over time will reinforce that I’m not supposed to be eating at my desk. I’ve failed half the time with afternoon snacks though.

* afternoon snacks have been as before, berries, yoghurt, prawns or cooked chicken.

* I’ve had a small treat each day – a little bit of chocolate or cheeaecake. One step at a time! This makes work bearable but I don’t have them at home except sometimes on a Monday.

* dinners have been easy, we had various types baked/grilled chicken and I had some fish one night. We usually have a little fruit after and I haven’t really snacked at home apart from that.

So now I kind of feel like I know what I’m doing, I’ll be a bit more organised next week and hopefully get more and more adjusted as the weeks go on. But my first impression is that all this is way more straightforward than I thought it was!


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